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Free Bryant Gumbel! By Sean Elder
As "The Early Show" struggles for an audience, its host may be longing to escape. (04/07/00)

Citizen Gates By Sean Elder
The media played the Microsoft trial as a judgment on the CEO's personality -- and there was no way he could win. (04/05/00)

Loony Noonan By Sean Elder
A Wall Street Journal editorialist unloads on Hillary Clinton and shoots herself in the foot. (03/24/00)

Details goes bust By Sean Elder
It was gay then gender-bending then pure guy. Now, flailing for an identity, it's just gone. (03/21/00)

Clean living By Sean Elder
As Time Inc.'s latest magazine demonstrates, trying to sell the simple life is a slippery task. (03/20/00)

The return of the dead-tree media By Sean Elder
Analysts are comparing the merger of Times Mirror and the Tribune Company to AOL-Time Warner, but the combined company looks more like an industrial age holdout than a 21st century media giant. (03/15/00)

The magic's gone By Sean Elder
What will the all-news networks do now that the McCain and Bradley dramas are over? (03/13/00)

Rushing to judgment By Sean Elder
Having nailed down exit poll data the same way Bush and Gore nailed down their nominations, the network anchors were free to opine smugly on Super Tuesday. (03/08/00)

Back to school days By Sean Elder
Our media columnist offers a satirical look at campuses presidential candidates should skip if they want to avoid a Bob Jones University scandal of their own. (03/03/00)

Election-free TV By Sean Elder
The Big 3 networks are giving the candidates about 30 seconds of air time an evening. Hell, most ads are longer than that. (02/29/00)

The emperor's new shows By Sean Elder
For Rupert Murdoch, being a media mogul means never having to say you're sorry. (02/24/00)

Laughing gas By Sean Elder
Modern Humorist wants to win our hearts by mocking the very things we hold dear. (02/22/00)

It's the candidate, stupid By Sean Elder
Don't blame reporters for putting McCain on the map. Like the senator, they are listening to the people. (02/16/00)

The medium in the message By Sean Elder
If you surf the Web sites of this year's presidential candidates, it's not hard to figure out who has the buzz -- and who's still asleep in the server room. But will it matter come November? (02/14/00)

Pity the poor immigrant By Sean Elder
The cast of characters in the Diallo trial -- from Rudy's NYPD to the Rev. Al Sharpton -- is priceless, so why does TV drag in Bernhard Goetz? (02/09/00)

Character flaws By Sean Elder
The TV networks obsess over personality while the candidates try to use them to convey some substance. (02/03/00)

For every back, a knife By Sean Elder
Truth merges with fiction in a new roman à clef about Condé Nast that has New York insiders buzzing. (02/02/00)

No sex while shopping By Sean Elder
Spurred on by Morality in Media, a chain of supermarkets is covering up those naughty Cosmo coverlines. Who's next? (01/28/00)

Are we excited yet? By Sean Elder
In case all that talk about entrance polls and exit polls wasn't enough to get you lathered up, our man probes the inner secrets of TV on the caucuses. (01/26/00)

Dave Kehr is going to CitySearch By Sean Elder
One of the country's best film critics is headed for the Web. (01/21/00)

Wake me when I'm vested By Sean Elder
So, do I have this right? Time Warner's old-growth deadwood mixed with AOL's yields -- a shiny new three-wood? (01/14/00)

Bigger, fatter, richer By Sean Elder
Inside the Time-Warner media empire, now that it's to be merged with AOL, there was a whole lot of smiling going on Monday. (01/11/00)

The family guy By Sean Elder
Bud Paxson and his company, which owns more TV stations than any other in the country, normally fly below the major media radar. That's changed, thanks to Sen. John McCain. (01/08/00)

Turmoil at "This Week" By Sean Elder
Fear of Russert pushed ABC News to fire William Kristol as part of its effort to jump start its faltering Sunday show, but this dog won't hunt, either. (01/06/00)

Village Voice sold By Sean Elder
The New York paper that was once the lone wolf of alternative journalism has become the crown jewel in a nascent media empire. (01/05/00)

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