The Team
Face of Celeb  
Date of birth
- 19/09/74
Where were you born?
- Croydon, in Surrey but I moved to Buckinghamshire when I was 3.
- Brothers - Dave and Mike.
- BMX, mountain biking, piano-playing, singing.
Favourite colour
- Blue.
Favourite item of clothing
- My boxers, I'm lost without them.
Favourite band/artist
- ELO.
How would you spend your perfect Sunday afternoon?
- Cycling on Dartmoor with a pub lunch.
Favourite animal
- I adore dogs, especially Springer Spaniel puppies, as I own a really beautiful one called Lilly.
What are you scared of?
- Wasps, bees and vampires.
Who/what makes you laugh?
- The Royle Family, The Fast Show, The Simpsons, Friends.
What other jobs have you had?
- Bicycle mechanic, actor, musician.
Favourite actor/actress?
- Harrison Ford and Cameron Diaz.
Favourite food
- Curry, Roast Dinner.
Favourite film
- Dazed and Confused.
Most embarrassing moment
- Being sent of class for breaking wind!
Favourite holiday destination
- Cornwall.
What's your biggest ambition?
- To conquer the world of TV!