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    CBS News

    California: Gore's to loose

    Gays 'welcome' in Bush campaign

    Gore's school daze

    Saturday, April 15, 2000

    Raining on their parade
    Police raid the headquarters of IMF and World Bank protestors.
    By Alicia Montgomery [04/15/00]

    Bush, gays meet
    He has chat after previously saying would "probably not."
    By Karen Olsson [04/14/00]

    Trail Mix: Texas governor kisses up to press And makes up with McCain. Environmental hazards for Gore and friendly fire in New York.
    By Alicia Montgomery [04/14/00]

    The song that changed New Jersey GOP divided over a humiliated Republican's attempt at a comeback.
    By Jake Tapper [04/13/00]

    Pat Buchanan courts the Teamsters Looking for union support, the "reformed" xenophobe bashes the WTO and vows to appoint James Hoffa to a cabinet post.
    By Alicia Montgomery [04/13/00]

    Hillary courts the Orthodox vote Sources say Clinton is soliciting support from Zionist activist Dov Hikind.
    By Jesse Drucker [04/13/00]

    Frank Burns remembered M*A*S*H star saluted from the campaign trail
    By Jake Tapper [04/13/00]

    Campaign video: Ralph Nader on why he calls United Airlines when he wants to listen to classical music.


    Will Rudy Giuliani be looking
    for another bus buddy?

    .Recent top stories

    Microsoft's hired gun Former Christian Coalition frontman Ralph Reed was lobbying for Microsoft while he was serving as a chief advisor to the George W. Bush campaign
    By Joshua Micah Marshall [04/12/00]

    If they can make it here Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton wrestle with the quirky but pivotal third parties in New York.
    By Jesse Drucker [04/12/00]


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