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Salon puzzle is the unadulterated source of news culture and ideas on the Internet.

A pioneer and leader in online journalism, breaks the latest news stories and promotes intelligent, thought provoking content. Readers turn to for its cutting-edge reporting, renowned columnists, fresh perspective and award winning art and design.

When I founded Salon four years ago, I wanted to build a Web site that had the high spirits and passionate engagement of a great dinner party -- the kind that leaves your head buzzing from all the fascinating people you’ve met and the conversations you’ve had.

Today, brings you the best reader party on the Internet. First we present the Web's liveliest, smartest news and commentary, reviews and columns, fresh every day and throughout the day. Then we give you places to speak out about what we've published -- or anything else that is on your mind.

------------ David Talbot, Founder and Editor in Chief makes you think...

Illustration by Popgun Design

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