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Toward Tradition Finds Fault with the Vermont Supreme Court's Ill-conceived Notions Regarding Marriage

MERCER ISLAND -- Toward Tradition, a national Jewish educational movement, expressed concern as the Vermont Supreme Court granted same-sex couples the same rights as married couples.

On Monday, December 20th, the Vermont Supreme Court ordered its state legislature to enact marital benefits for same-sex partners. Fortunately, the Court refused to legitimize so-called "same sex marriage," but the moral equivalence the Court attempted to create between marriage and same-sex partnerships is just as threatening to the country's moral well-being.

"The Court's decision will negatively affect the family structure that has served society so well for hundreds of generations," commented Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of Toward Tradition. "The Court refused to recognize that married partners provide a vital service to society, that same-sex partners can not provide."

As Rabbi Lapin points out in his soon to be released book, Life Lessons from the Lord's Language, "Hebrew contains no singular word for parents. It is an activity that can only be performed by a man and a woman acting in unison, each complimenting the other to provide the cocoon in which youngsters can thrive. The union of a father and mother generates stability and provides the means for creating future generations. By committing to raise a family, married couples enhance our society and are rewarded by government through various benefits, such as lower taxes."

"By ignoring the benefits that the traditional family bestows upon society and by abandoning the Judeo-Christian principles which have led this country to be the most prosperous the world has ever seen, the Court displayed contempt for the most basic of Judeo-Christian principles. Unless it is over-ruled, it has the potential to cause significant damage to the essence of our society," concluded Rabbi Lapin.

Toward Tradition is a national educational movement of Jews and Christians and other Americans seeking to advance the nation toward traditional, faith-based, American principles of constitutional and limited government, the rule of law, representative democracy, free markets, a strong military, and a moral public culture.




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