In Loving Memory of
Brian Deneke

Brian we will not forget you. This town may not have loved you in life, but in the loss of you, we are learning to care. Today, the person who took your young life was set free. We do not want to be filled with hatred towards him: yet, we don't want your life to be in vain either and we DO expect justice for you. Brian, it is our hope, that because of your untimely death that the poor, forgotten children of our communities will find love and kindness among its citizens, instead of criticism and ridicule. We know you were special and we are sorry that you are no longer with us. You were with us just a short time, but perhaps a crusade will grow from this, shattering prejudices which people in our community have long harbored towards the poor of our city; and if this happens, then perhaps your death will not be in vain. I hope we can learn. I wish we had treated you better. I wish justice had been served today. I'm sorry Brian but there are many of us who will remember. I promise.

By a citizen of Amarillo, Texas: M.R. Minkler Upon the untimely death of Brian Deneke And the unfortunate, light sentencing of his killer Dustin Camp.


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