~Vampyre's Wanting to Meet Others in there Area~

This page is going to be used for connecting others in their area with each other. If you are interested in being one of those people, Just email me your "nick", Email address and the state you live. If you would like maybe two sentences explaining why you want to find others in your area. The only thing I will list on this page is your screen nick, email address and the state you live. The rest of the information can be shared between you and whoever contacts you. I wanted to do this page because I, like everybody need to be in contact with others like my self. ~We are not alone, we just need to search for each other~

Since I am still learning how to create my web page and haven't learned any short cuts yet, I will have to add alot of the information manually. I don't mind at all, because the most important thing is that we have something available for people searching. ~smiles~

  • OakSpirit -Georiga USA ~Like everybody, I too am trying to find others in my area or close to it..that I can talk to. Do not contact me wanting to make you a vampyre, that is NOT what this page is about! ~

  • ShadowBurn -Michigan, USA ~I am a vampire and seek others like me.~

  • Evi|_Ed -New Jersey, USA ~As one who has tried to deny what I am, believing that it can not be. I am now here to help you. I am looking for others fo the Blood. Please feel free to contact me anytime.~

  • NIGHTCHILD Ottawa, Ontario-Canada ~Wanting to meet or hear from others who know what they are and are true to their beliefs.~

  • darkthorn -Tampa, Florida

  • Crowster -Ohio USA ~I believe in WitchCraft, Vampyrism and I am looking for others out there to talk to about these subjects. But I do believe in other religions also, and I am very opened minded. Crowster

  • Mairgh -Halpin,S,F. area CA. ~Please no romantics, gamers, goths.Interested in correspondance and society with other psy and blooddrinkers.~ sfint este domnul noaptii

  • darknight -Piqua, Lockinton, Ohio ~I want to find more of my kind because no one can understand me. They all think I am weird in many dark ways.~

  • Duvalgrrrl -Oklahoma City, OK, USA ~26 female red hair green. I would like to meet others in my area. Also, please visit my web site, see the addy on the links page~

  • Gabriel Diniz - Brazil ~He goes by the name Dynyz. For wise wonderful conversation, write to him. I consider Dynyz a true brother! We have been corresponding for a while now. As all of us, he too is searching for others in his area to correspond with.~

  • Vamp010159 - Memphis, TN ~I am a 39 yr old male searching for other vampires in my area.~

  • Julie Bernard-Owens -South Carolina ~Any South Carolina Vampire's out there, besides me. Or any close by.....looking for my kind. "LadyDarkRose" Jevea~ **I can speak from experience, LadyDarkRose and I correspond back and forth, she is GREAT!

  • Nya Taylor -Omaha, NE ~I would like to correspond with other vampires like me~

  • Quicksilver -Southern California ~I would like to correspond with others in my area~

  • Johann Asmodeus -Covina, California ~ I just want to find somebody who may understand me and the things I've been going through recently~

  • Mina -Rhode Island, ~I am not a vampyre but I wish to understand your ways. I wish to understand your powers, who you are, and what you intend to be. I am 18 years of age.~

  • Nikita -Auckland, New Zealand, ~I am always searching for other people like myself but despair of finding anyone. Perhaps, one day, someone may find me. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. It's a small country below Australia that most people have never heard of, and unfortunately it seems to be vampire free.~

  • Chloe -South Is. New Zealand ~I would adore to meet those who to like myself have interests and passion for vampires!!~

  • Coffee House -Detroit, Michigan ~Although, this is not a direct vampyric link. I met someone who goes to this coffee house often and speaks highly of it. If you live in MI, perhaps it could be a wonderful place to have a cup of coffee **smiles** or something else to drink.~

  • Mascherata -Jacksonville, Florida ~I would like to meet other vampires and find some companionship amoung kindred souls.~

  • Rev. Butcher, aka MysticVamp, -Dallas, Texas ~ 24 year old male, looking to meet others in my area that area living a vampire lifestyle, and enjoy the night.~

  • Aluminesce -Jonesboro, Arkansas ~I am an 18 year old female, wanting to correspond with others like myself in my area~

  • CRAZY FANGH/BLOOD STIXX - Melbourne/Palm Bay,Florida ~Male,129 yrs. Heavy Metal Vampyre Drummer. www.inergy.com/wbgenterprizes Let's make some noize!

  • CountessX -Newport News,Virgiania ~Hi my name is Robynn a.k.a. CountessX. I would like to meet others in my area just for fun~

  • Isbe -St. Louis Area ~ Hi, Travel to Toronto states in between. Tired of acting mortal all the time.~

  • Primo -Calgary A.B. Canada ~ always needing the strength and support of fellow kin, to meet in person would be phenominal, is there any vampyre close to me ?!? till next we speak ~

  • Eagle -Siverdale, Washington ~I'm a vampire and would like to meet other REAL vampyre's and no Buffy wannabe's. Thank you. ~

  • LivEvil -Massachusettes ~Male Vamp seeks other Vamps for companionship. I also seek donors.~

    <LISculptrez -Lou. KY ~HI. I am looking for other lesbian vamps like myself. Fem2fem only please.:)~

  • Lady BlakHearse -Kansas City/Lawrence/Topeka area ~Hi, I'm looking for vamps, or anyone who's interested in vamps. So if anyone ever sees this who lives around there,please email me. ~

  • Kevin Pollock -Australia ~my name is allyson i am 65years old and am in the body of a 15 year old i wish to find another like myself for i am alone in australia and wish to have a companion of my own kind.

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