Xtacy, a Graphics Hack for X11 window (and MS-Windows)

"Wow! This is better than snorting caffeine!" Neil Braun
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Xtacy is a graphics hack which I've been, well, hacking on, for 2 or 3 years now. It's been compiled on DECstations 3100 running Ultrix, DEC/Alpha running DUnix (and Linux), SGI running IRIX 5.3, and Linux boxen.

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So what does it do? Xtacy displays bouncing shapes, rotating palettes, a couple fractals, a kaleidascope, and lots of more stuff.

My Favorite Mode? currently, it's "xtacy -fields -pal 5 -opt 1". What's Yours? Email them to jer@gweep.net

Xtacy is distributed under the GNU License. and it is Y2K compliant.*grin*

If you're running Windows, you can still enjoy trippy graphics. Wintacy is for Windows.


The stable version of Xtacy is 1.14 . Download it here , or not..

Features added in Xtacy 1.14

21 Mar '97Andrew Hobgood has written a Tk Interface for Xtacy. It doesn't include all the switches yet, but it's definitely neat

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Windows "But Jer," I hear some of you saying, "This all looks very trippy and stuff, but I can't run X at home. All I have is Microsloth Windows (or Pig '95)".

"Well," I say," my last employer paid me to learn Windows programming, and one of my first projects was to port Xtacy to Windows." (My supervisor liked Xtacy, even though it never played Tetris)

Thus, Wintacy was born. Wintacy is similar to the X version, but with a point-n-click mode selection interface. Of course, this is a BETA version, too. It even comes with source code, something which seems to be not too common in the Windoze world.

Runs under Win '95! and kinda under NT. It runs very slow under NT, but in my experience, EVERYTHING runs slow under NT. Testbed: P5-90 with 16Meg running NT 3.50. Shouldn't be a slow machine..

Mail me comments, suggestions, or your own hacks for Xtacy (or other programs).
(no, really.. honest. I'd LOVE to hear from you. Even if it's just to say 'yup, read your page. weird stuff.') If anyone is working on any front-ends for Xtacy (Tk,XForms,etc.), I'd really REALLY like to hear from you.

And a special Hi to everyone coming over to this page from Kristin Buxton's Link List. -><- And from all the way from Sweden and Australia.

If you're stuck running Windoze, you MUST try Zone Rings from Outer Space It's a very quick, very slick graphic toy. Kept me busy for hours.

If you have a Soundblaster with CD-Rom interface, you should try Cthugha! Trippy graphics that sync themselves to the beat of the music. I've found that it works very well with Cypress Hill's "Temple of Boom"

Poke around Hyperreal, a Techno/Ravey site, which has Xtacy and lots of other trippy programs.

This is not a Hot XXX Site. No matter how many times you reload the pictures, there's no nudie pngs. Sorry b1FF. You're probably looking for xtacy.com And if you were looking for www.xtacy.com, but ended up here, DUH! They gave you the URL, why didn't you just type "http://www.xtacy.com/" instead of using a Web Search tool?

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