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What's New Tuesday - March 9, 1999
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Rage of the Day
Tuesday's Business

1,000,000,000 Served
Site Rating: Content 9 | Design 6

So you have dreams of wearing a Wicked Weenie hat and being the go-to man as owner of a Wicked Weenie franchise. The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers will help get you there by mapping out the necessary steps and strategies for buying a franchise and fulfilling your life as a by-product king.

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The New Tongue
A self-indulgent and pretentious personality trait found in artists who record cover acoustic versions of their own hum-drum songs, most notably Hootie & the Blowfish's "Let Her Cry."
Last Week's Rage
Pigs Get Slaughtered
Site Rating: Content 8| Design 8/B>

The old Wall Street adage offers some great advice to you non-day- traders: Get out before it's too late! Mr. Stock Online Trading gives you the current state of the Dow and other indices, business news, real-time quotes, and the ability to get in and get out of your investments before you break a sweat.
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Ernst & Young - One of the world's leading tax, accounting, and business consulting firms brings its ingenuity to the web.
9 | 8
Here & Now - Real-life narrative of six friends in a house. No actors. No scripts.
8 | 10
On This Date in North American Indian History - Historical events of indigenous North Americans.
8 | 5
Canine Collectibles - Pet bowls, beds, doggy cloths, and Fido first-aid.
7 | 8
Color Marketing Group - Discover the color of money.
7 | 7
Tribute to Joe DiMaggio - Joltin' Joe has left and gone away.
9 | 8
Guitar 9 - Learn to hold your guitar like a lover.
7 | 7
Wrong 36 - How can something this wrong feel so right?
8 | 9
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