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7Ball Magazine, May/June 1997

Cover: Motor City Ska motor city ska
by David Bumgarner

There's a tendency in reviewing Christian music to latch onto a certain secular band within a given genre and then indentify any and all Christian bands that fall into that genre with that (e.g. insert Christian punk band which sounds just like Green Day.) W-e-l-l-l, it doesn't always work that way.

Case in point: Detroit-based band The Insyderz has consistently been lumped into the same category with No Doubt since it first arrived on the scene last summer. With the release of their debut disc, Motor City Ska, the band moves as far away from those comparisons as possible.

Their liberal use of horns, which is a trademark of ska (an idea No Doubt doesn't often embrace), gives The Insyderz a big band vibe to go with their off kilter, left-of-center neo-punk, surf, rap-metal sound. Where No Doubt falls squarely into the pop/rock category, The Insyderz move easily between the aforementioned styles, often within the same song. What's more, and this can't be emphasized strongly enough, The Insyderz lead singer Joe Yerke sounds nothing like No Doubt's Gwen Stefani.

The Insyderz may be too eclectic to appeal to a mass audience but they should be given points for their extra efforts to do just that. Motor City Ska stands alone as an outsanding album and an excellent first offering from this yound band. It's not deep listening. The messages are simple. The band plays tight. And the music is fun.

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