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Wellness Water CupWater-Nature's Cleanser

Drinking 8 glasses of water each day helps us to stay fit, healthy, vigorous and energized. Magnetized water from the patented Wellness Water TM Cup is higher in oxygen, alkaline content and pH, and should become a vital part of our preventive health maintenance system! When we metabolize food, the residue generated on a cellular level is acidic: fatty acids, acetic acids, lactic acids and cholesterol are reduced with the help of water. Alkaline water - that is, water with a high pH value - is better suited to the neutralization of and disposal of these unwanted, ultimately dangerous acids. It is well known that the buildup of sediments and plaque in the body can have tremendously harmful consequences, such as periodontal disease, gallstones and kidney stones. And recently, even Alzheimer's Disease has been linked to a buildup of plaque in the brain. Plaque harbors bacteria. Eliminate plaque and we eliminate a dangerous breeding ground for disease and illness. Recent studies have linked ulcers, gingivitis, and even heart disease to bacterial infection.

Magnetized Water-The Better Cleanser!
Imagine water that helps to wash away sediments, rid our bodies of plaque, and destroy a breeding ground of dangerous bacteria! This is the breakthrough effect of magnetized water, long popular overseas, which is only now coming to light here in the United States. Water, nature's cleanser, becomes more efficient once exposed to a magnetic field. Magnetized water from the Wellness Water TM Cup attracts and holds onto sediments and helps to prevent them from building up within the body.

No water bottled or otherwise, tastes fresher because the process is natural and there are no chemical additives, there is only the clean taste of pure, oxygenated, natural water.

Current studies have shown magnetized water to have significant, wide-ranging health benefits.

The patented Wellness Water TM Cup magnetizes water, increases its oxygen and alkaline content, and helps regulate the body's pH. Alkaline water can aid the body in ridding itself of harmful acidic waste, while also maintaining a higher level of valuable alkaline in the body, which results in increased energy, vitality and a feeling of well-being. Specialists in the Military Academy in Leningrad have used magnetized water to treat patients with digestive and urinary problems, while recent Chinese studies have found its benefits to include a calming effect and invigorated blood circulation.

Free Radicals
Free radicals have drawn attention for their involvement in diseases and aging.

The water from the patented Wellness Water TM Cup is treated magnetically, which has been shown to help control free radical formation. So we can now drink our antioxidants! North Pole magnetic therapy is now widely used, particularly in the sports and fitness world. Major sports figures utilize magnets to eliminate pain and keep their skilled bodies in balance.

The former President of the American Medical Athletic Association and consulting doctor at the 1996 Olympic marathon events has utilized magnetic therapy to treat a variety of sports injuries as well as osteoarthritis and carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Fill your Wellness Water™ Cup with water or any other non-acidic beverage. After ten minutes it will be magnetized and ready to drink. Note: Magnetized water is not a replacement for a physician's care. The information herein is not intended as medical advice but rather as a guide when working with your physician. Should a medical condition persist, please seek the expert advice of your physician or dentist. People with pacemakers or other implanted medical devices should follow their physician's advice.

The Wellness Water™ Cup is the ONLY patented cup in which NORTH Polarity Faces Water!

U.S. Patent No. 5,542,562

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