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In E-World, Capital Is Where It's @
New York Times (free registration required)
Young New Yorkers without neckties or profits were on stage pleading for money for their startups.


Vested Options Can Drain Talent -- and Investors
San Jose Mercury News
Look under the hood of any Silicon Valley company and you'll quickly understand that its most important component is the people. The most important way of rewarding those people is through stock options.


Internet Incubators Rethink Strategies, Become Pickier
Wall Street Journal (subscription required)
Internet "accelerators" have hit a speed bump.


Playing the Internet's Next Gold Rush
Fortune Magazine
Panning for gold may be a sucker's game. But you can still make money on B2B. bet on the companies that sell the pans.


Breathing Underwater
Forbes Magazine
Worthless stock options force tech firms to choose between profits and employees.


17 Rules for VC Funding
17 golden rules to getting your company launched.


Venture Capitalists Still Love Start-Ups Despite Market
Wall Street Journal (subscription required)
The spending has not slowed.


Who Will Incubate the Incubators?
The Red Herring
A small group of financiers, working independently, are starting to incubate incubators around the globe by providing their own resources and packaging these resources with local and global technology partnerships.


Placing Hopes in the Net
New York Times (free registration required)
Edward Suriadjaya has returned to the corporate stage as a high-technology entrepreneur planning to build a stable of dot-coms and turn Jakarta's old airport into Indonesia's Silicon Valley.


Can the Web Sell Eating as Entertainment?
Forbes ASAP
Do you know what you're having for dinner tonight?


VC P.S.: The Smart VC at August Capital, Part 2
The Red Herring
What are VCs expecting from the companies who pitch them?


Venture Capital Reaches Record Levels
Wall Street Journal (subscription required)
During the quarter, venture capitalists invested $22.7 billion into companies, 266% higher than the $6.2 billion invested in the year-earlier quarter.


Biotech Faithful Catch the Big Wave
The Red Herring
The biotech light turned green in late 1999 and venture capitalists took off on a life sciences shopping spree.


Now that VCs Have Binged, Where Will They Purge?
The Red Herring
VCs expect to take advantage of the downturn in the Nasdaq by pushing for lower valuations.


Value Customers Not Stocks
San Jose Mercury News
After 15 years as head of security software maker Symantec, Gordon Eubanks stepped down to take the helm Oblix, joining scores of other executives leaving big companies for startups.


IPOs are DOA
The Red Herring
In many cases, instead of prepping startups for the big time, underwriters are ordering them to cool their heels.


South Asian 'Angels' Reap Riches, Spread Wealth in Silicon Valley
Wall Street Journal (subscription required)
At a hotel in Santa Clara, Calif., several hundred people from India and neighboring countries gather each month to share vegetarian food, sip cocktails and hear an entrepreneur tell war stories.


The Vultures Are Circling
The Industry Standard
The newest growth market: Providing services to bankrupt Internet companies.


For Women in Silicon Valley, It Seems Like Strikeout.com
New York Times (free registration required)
Sometimes, the troops of men strolling around Silicon Valley makes it seems like a Boy Scout reunion is in town.


Cash Looks Better and Better
The Industry Standard
As the stock market swings, companies that take equity as payment for services are treading more carefully.


Can Net Markets Survive the Squeeze?
Big brick-and-mortar players running B2B exchanges can spell problems for independent Net market makers and B2B infrastructure companies.


Should You Incubate Your Company?
Incubators and incubatees provide some tips on what to look for.


Total Eclipse
The Economist
Can nothing save Hikari Tsushin's Yasumitsu Shigeta?


The Mythology of Options
The Industry Standard
As dot-com stocks met reality, the media rolled out the familiar "told you so" stories. But healthy startups still have more to offer than just shares.


Stand (Pick) and Deliver
Two online companies-Toysmart.com and Garden.com-face similar fulfillment challenges. But with dissimilar products and supply chains, they deal with those challenges differently. Toysmart.com


Can't Stop the Startup Funding
The Industry Standard
Venture capitalists say there's too much money chasing too few good deals. So why are they setting up even more funds?


Wall Street Journal (subscription required)
Gambits and gadget


Head Count
The Red Herring
Netscape execs moving on.


An Intro to Incubators
What's an incubator and is it right for your startup?


Incubators Lose Their Luster
Forbes Digital Tool
Do incubators make sense in a volatile market?


Starting Gate
Wall Street Journal (subscription required)
Internet incubators have a mixed outlook.


Eyes Wide Open
The Silicon Valley startup model is not infallible. Notwithstanding all their advantages, startups often make flawed business decisions.


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