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Pictured above: Anne's home on First Street in New Orleans.

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This site was last updated on May 5, 2000. Updates are noted in the Announcements section below. Please check the site administration page for further information. If you haven't visited in a while, check The Scoop to see what's new!



Ross Tafaro has potsted the following:

" I would like to take this opportunity to explain why the comic book of THE TALE OF THE BODY THIEF will stop after issue #4 and go directly to a full graphic novel.


1. Many retailers and readers complained of the fact that a series of 12 issues coming out one issue per month would take a full year to complete the book. Many felt that it was too long. That they would have forgotten the beginning of the story before they got to the end.

2. Although many of Anne's readers frequent comic book stores, the vast majority of her readers don't even know where their local comic book store is located.

3. From a critically financial point of view, because of the first two reasons noted above, it is essential that we get into the major book stores, (Borders, B&N, Walden, & Dalton, etc.). The problem is that most, if not all, of these stores won't carry individual series of comics, but they will carry a full graphic novel. The same applies to some of the foreign markets.

While the passion for this project has not dwindled, it does have to be self-sufficient for the project to survive.

Bear in mind that recently, (before issue #4) the company was successful in getting cover artist Dareck Gross to do all the panel drawing for the entire graphic novel, (from issue 4 to completion.) So while we want to make the project self-sufficient, we don't wish to do so at the expense of quality. In fact, the costs increased with the acquisition of Dareck to complete the remainder of the graphic novel.

It is my sincere hope that the first 4 issues will become cherished valuable collector items. There are a limited number and they will not be reprinted.

Honestly, from a financial point of view the individual series, distributed only in the comic book stores, was putting the company further and further in the hole. Bear in mind the entire project is financed by one persons savings. Rather than leave the series unfinished, as was done in the past by another company, it was decided to risk a few more bucks and do the graphic novel, that way the project will be complete. It was a very expensive learning experience, and it is with great sorrow and sincere apology that the series was not completed as planned.

Perhaps many will feel it is undeserved but it is hoped that the readers will understand the situation, and give the graphic novel a chance. It is the passionate best effort of the entire creative team, some of which are working without a fee if the project doesn't break even.

This is the most honest and sincerely apologetic explanation that can be given of the situation. It was owed to the readers that supported the project.

Please understand that Anne Rice is not in any way responsible for the above decision. She strictly granted the license and reviewed and approved all of the material before published to assure accuracy and provide her creative input without any compensation. This project was a passion for all involved, including Anne Rice.

Ross Tafaro
Sicilian Dragon Publishing"


Anne has posted the following message about her decision on the possible serialization of MERRICK:

"Thank you very much for your responses. We are grateful that so many of you took the time to answer. After careful consideration, we will not be running MERRICK in serial form on the Internet. MERRICK will be published in the fall in hard cover."


Anne has posted the following message regarding fan fiction:

"I do not allow fan fiction.

The characters are copyrighted. It upsets me terribly to even think about fan fiction with my characters. I advise my readers to write your own original stories with your own characters.

It is absolutely essential that you respect my wishes."


In her March 15, 2000 phone message, Anne updates fans on what she knows about the QUEEN OF THE DAMNED movie and when her next book will be out.

There are 78 phone message transcripts available on-line from the last three years--they are a great source of "what's up" for Anne. The transcripts page is also accessible from the "For Fans" Page and from Anne's Chamber. To hear the periodic messages Anne leaves for fans and to leave your own message for her, call (504) 522-8634.


Learn about St. Alphonsus, Anne's childhood parish and the work of The Friends of St. Alphonsus in preserving the church and holding community cultural events.


Ross Tafaro, Anne's Executive Director, addresses concerns about Anne's health and elaborates on the new comic books in his letter.



Four new "Major Characters" portraits t-shirts: Armand as the Tower, Elder as Death, Ramses as the Hermit, and Lestat the Biker! New shirts "Beauty and Pain" and "Ace of Cups," new "Coven" baseball cap, and "Beauty and Pain" nightshirt. Pandora bookmark also back in stock!


Due to Anne's illness, she is very behind in ther writing. Her health is substantially improved but she is not yet at 100%. Consequently, we do not recommend sending books to the house for signing at this time.


Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond Anne's control, tours will no longer be offered of her historic home at 1239 First Street. However, the magnificent St. Elizabeth's remains open to the public. Details on the tour page.


Recovering at home from a life-threatening situation and learning to manage her Diabetes, Anne has written a new, wide-ranging message to fans. In it she talks about her hospitalization, the new book she is working on in which Lestat returns, VITTORIO THE VAMPIRE due out in March, writing about Italy, themes in ARMAND, the Impeachment, and her thanks for everyone's calls and prayers.

LESTAT COLLECTOR'S DOLL: Designed in collaboration with world-renonwed dollmakers Paul Crees and Peter Coe, Anne Rice is proud to debut the Vampire Lestat limited edition collectors doll.

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