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Read all current news.
Hurricane blows through Myrtle Beach (5/9/2000)
SFO Opening day photos (5/9/2000)
Legend opens to rave reviews (5/9/2000)
Millennium Force opens to record pre-season events (5/8/2000)
Changes at Six Flags Ohio reviewed (5/8/2000)
Worlds longest bobsled in France (5/7/2000)
More problems for Son of Beast (5/5/2000)
Video of problem spot on Son of Beast from Cinci TV (5/4/2000)
PKI season pass nights cancelled again (5/3/2000)
California tour photos on Midwest Coaster Central (5/3/2000)

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In California, the park best positioned to dominate attendance is:

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Knott's Berry Farm
Paramount's Great America
Six Flags Marine World


Read all current rumors.
New hyper coaster for Elitch Gardens?(5/8/2000)
New Six Flags in Southeast Michigan?(5/8/2000)
Paramounts Carowinds may get version of Stealth(5/7/2000)
Wild Adventures woodie(5/7/2000)
Pieces of a New Coaster Track?(5/3/2000)
Disney Moving Coaster?(5/2/2000)
Arrows new wheel design(5/2/2000)
Giga coaster sounds more and more realistic for Kennywood(4/25/2000)
Six Flags America to receive standup?(4/22/2000)
CCI Coaster headed for Idlewild?(4/21/2000)

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Millennium Force: Full Disclosure

Kennywood, America's finest traditional park shines with the new Aero360. Check out our photos and video. Don't miss the photos of the soon-to-be removed Steel Phantom.

CoasterBuzz is proud to present a feature section for Six Flags Ohio! Check out 50 new photos from the construction sites. Eye candy includes trains, drops, LIM's and other great images.

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