Bree Olivia Desborough was born in Sydney on September 22, 1979.

She began filming on Home and Away in the guest role of Justine in March 1997 and returned as a permanent cast member in June that same year

Justine first came to Summer Bay to visit her step-brother Aaron (Richie Gudgeon). They had not seen each other since he ran away from their desperate lifestyle on the city streets. He could see her drug habit was getting worse but he felt there was nothing more he could do to help.

When Justine arrived in the Bay she promised Aaron she was drug-free and wanted to make a fresh start but it soon became obvious this was not true. Aaron tried once more to help her but she ran away.

Now she has been brought back and placed in foster care with Pippa Ross. This time Justine really is off drugs but she is still angry with Aaron — and the world in general. Despite her angry facade, this year Justine will show her more vulnerable side.

Bree describes her as 'a rebel in funky green flares'.

This is Bree's first on-going television role. She has done a guest appearance in Water Rats and GP and is in one of the 'Gobbledock' Smiths crisps commercials.

She started going to dancing and singing classes with Keane Kids but decided to focus on acting. She became good friends with former Home and Away cast member Rebecca Croft (who played Casey) through the classes.

Bree lives with her mother on Sydney's North Shore. She has one older sister.

When she is not working, she enjoys listening to music and going to see bands. Her current favourite CDs are by Jamiroquai and Regurgitator.