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Download xCBL 2.0

Announcing Updated xCBL 2.0 release 3

December 17, 1999 - Walnut Creek, CA - To further enable wide-spread business-to-business web-based commerce, Commerce One, Inc. today announced the updated Commerce One XML Common Business library (xCBL) 2.0 release 3. This release includes not only the robust set of business components, but a full set of business documents, available in DTD format, XDR schema format, and SOX schema format.

Download xCBL 2.0

XML Common Business Language (xCBL) 2.0 is the first commercial release that is offered by Commerce One and is the culmination of two years of work in developing an XML document framework and set of building blocks for electronic commerce. xCBL 2.0 is available for download in the following repositories:

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