Ice Ice Daley
Are you twiddling your thumbs, waiting for Baldur's Gate 2? The time will pass pretty quickly once you get your hands on Icewind Dale, a very cool RPG from Black Isle Studios due out this summer. We got our grubby paws on a preview copy, and it's brisk, baby.

Time's up
The Dreamcast has been out for a while, and it's ready for a good RPG. Will Time Stalkers make you want to burn your copy of Final Fantasy in effigy? It's doubtful, and after all, that would just be a waste of time.

Pesky varmints on parade
Those runts are back, and it's harder than ever to save their little hides--it's more fun, too. Download the latest demo of Lemmings Revolution, and soon you'll remember why saving suicidal rodents is more fun than working a crisis center switchboard.

The name's Dale, not Chip!


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