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9 May, 2000 is a site devoted to, well, web conferencing. As such, it's a welcome addition to our growing pool of resources for supporting online, technography-enabled meetings. Though clearly "under development" (what website isn't?), already provides much of real value. One of my favorite resources, a page that allows you to "select the features you want in a webconferencing product." Check "application sharing," "chat," "discussion," "polling," "seating chart," and/or "whiteboard" and get a list of services that provide those specific features. Unfortunately, the authors' definitions of "application sharing" are more inclusive (or generous) than ours, but all the links provided are of interest to the practicing technographer. The site is produced by Creative Analytics. To understand their perspective more clearly, read their explanation of their web conferencing services offers an impressively comprehensive suite of virtual office tools. There are three levels of service: Express (free), Basic ($49.95) and Premium ($99.95) per user per month. The higher the level, the more impressive the suite of tools. 

What is especially noteworthy about is that it is the first virtual office to integrate web conferencing (via WebEx) into its basic architecture. With, when you use your calendar to schedule a meeting, or your threaded discussion board to discuss meeting topics, or your email to distribute meeting documents, it all becomes part of the actual (well, virtual) meeting process. 

The free service allows for up to 5 users and provides access to WebEx and a Task Tracker system. 5 megabytes of storage are available. Support is accomplished via email.  The premium service includes synchronization with Outlook, Palm and Lotus Notes; a system for coordinating a multi-user "task force;" premium WebEx services (which include live application sharing); wireless alerts and acess, and 100 megabytes of storage.


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CoWorking is a publication of

Technography services help teams work together more productively by taking immediate advantage of technologies already in place. In use since 1984 by major organizations throughout the world, Technography is especially valuable in today’s Intranet- and Internet-connected organizations where teams are widely distributed.

CoWorking is the art of online collaboration. Technography is one of its tools. 

For information about technography services, coaching, and consulting, contact Desiree Savory at Technography Solutions. You can e-mail or call Bernie at (310) 792-7227.


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