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The Trials and Tribulations of Tribology by Jeff Lander [05.10.00] The simple force of friction in the physical world is so familiar to everyone in a potential game audience, that any departure from realism can be glaring and yet realistically simulating these simple physical properties is quite challenging. In this article Jeff Ladner discusses the simulation of friction in real-time 3D applications, otherwise known as the field of tribology.

MGT Report: Tokyo Becalmed by Simon Carless [05.09.00] It's a relatively quiet time for videogaming in Tokyo right now, but plenty of interesting news still abounds. With E3 coming up this week in Southern California and with product announcements ranging from the eyebrow-raising to the hair-bending, the Mecha Godzilla Tokyo Report delivers the goods yet again.

Creating Procedural Objects in 3D Studio MAX by Gurjeet Sidhu [05.05.00] A procedural object is created by an algorithm that takes a set of parameters that define the object and produces the object representation from that set. It is possible to create procedural objects inside 3D Studio MAX to get data into your game engine since a procedural object in MAX can store information other than whats required for the visual representation. In this article, Gurjeet Sidhu, lead programmer at Dhruva Interactive explains how to write a plug-in to create procedural objects in 3D Studio MAX 3.1.

GDC 2000 Keynote: The Designs of Star Wars Episode One from GDC 2000 [05.03.00] In this video presentation from GDC 2000, legendary Star Wars designer Doug Chiang speaks about the film design for The Phantom Menace. The session reveals sketches, production paintings, digital paintings, and developmental models for the droids, spaceships, enviornments, and creatures in the Star Wars universe. This presentation is available as Quicktime, RealVideo 28 kbps, or RealVideo 150 kbps.

Lessons in Color Theory for Spyro the Dragon by Craig A. Stitt and John Fiorito [05.02.00] For those of you who find yourselves in the lucky position of being game artists, one of the greatest ongoing challenges is to find ways to leverage an enormous cache of materials and palettes to create powerful, realistic worlds that draw in players. How does one do that? By educating yourself about the elements of color and production design and applying these lessons to your games -- as Craig Stitt and John Fiorito did at Insomniac Games in their Playstation title, Spyro the Dragon.

Using Bitmaps for Automatic Generation of Large-Scale Terrain Models by Kai Martin [04.27.00] As game worlds (especially online, persistent ones) get larger, game development teams need efficient ways of creating large expanses of terrain without having to build it manually. Kai Martin introduces a bit-map based technique that helps automatically generates terrain, while still giving artists and world builders control over the details.

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Product News :


Credo's MeGa MoCap Collection
Project: Messiah v1.5.4
Steinberg Cubase VST 5.0
Steinberg Midex 8


Nvidia's New GeForce2 GTS
AMD's New Duron Processor
Hercules' New 3D Prophet II GTS

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Industry News:


Activision Q4
Activision reports losses in the fourth quarter, and warns of more to come.

UT Europe
Rage Software is grabbing exclusive rights to sublicense the Unreal Tournament engine in Europe.

3DO Doubles
3DO's fourth quarter revenues are up 104 percent, in a stark contrast to other game publishers.

Dreamcast Phone
Sega want gamers to use the Dreamcast to make phone calls.


Interplay Q1
Interplay's first quarter shows a 34 percent reduction in net losses. [More...]

Activision Buy Back
Activision is initiating a stock buy back. [More...]

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