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Who We Are

Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) is a registered charitable non-governmental organisation (NGO) working towards the Total Management of Cancer as a disease, which includes

  • Spreading awareness on the dangers inherent in accepted social practices such as chewing of tobacco, early marriage, multiple pregnancies, etc, which are responsible for approximately 70% of cancers in India.
  • Initiating steps for the early detection of cancer since treatment at this stage leads to a cure in a majority of cases.

  • To provide complete assistance to cancer patients beyond that given by the medical profession, that is, taking a holistic approach, not attacking the malignancy in isolation.

Established in 1969, CPAA has a tradition of untiring service to needy cancer patients from all over India, and even neighbouring Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan. CPAA is an empathetic, reassuring, non-medical presence that has supported the treatment and overall needs of more than 40,000 cancer patients.

We believe that every cancer patient has a right to the full range of treatment, and our team of 60 employees and 40 doctors make sure that they get it. An extensive network of influential well-wishers supports our endeavours.