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Web-based school management system released
Staff Report,
April 6, 1999, 3:30 pm ET

PowerSchool, LLC, a provider of K-12 school administrative software, has announced the availability of PowerSchool, a new, full-featured, Web-based school management system.

PowerSchool's capabilities include the basics such as transcripts, report cards, attendance, and discipline as well as many other specialized capabilities, including parental access to real time student grades on the Internet and district wide support for multiple schools on a single server. As teachers use the cross-platform gradebook to keep grades and take attendance, this information is communicated electronically to the PowerSchool system where authorized users can access it.

This means that not only administrators but also parents, teachers, and students have access to real-time data. With traditional reporting methods parents may not find out how their student is performing in school until the end of the quarter or semester -- usually too late to correct a problem situation. PowerSchool allows parents to know how their student is doing on a continual basis by using the internet or PowerSchool's automated telephone system. PowerSchool can even send electronic progress reports to parents via email on a weekly, monthly, or even daily basis. Because system access is through a browser, all major computing platforms, including the Mac, are supported for all users.

PowerSchool's price for your school or district depends upon a number of factors. Send an email to if you want someone to contact you about cost. For more info go to

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