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Friday, May 19, 2000

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A lot of people have asked about our beginnings. How did the IWO form? Where did you come up with the FWLnet.com domain name? Why IWO? Therefore, we created this page to give you a background on how we were formed, what we try to do, and how we go about doing it.

In November 1996 a bunch of people came together and created the Fantasy Wrestling Organization (FWO). At the time, e-wrestling was not all too popular, thus only diehard wrestling fans were really involved. They were there to have fun, to make the Internet a place to let go of a little anger through their federation.

Some time later Eric, a man who had some background in the FWO, took over the fed for unknown reasons. Eric created out of this the Fantasy Wrestling League (FWL). By this time e-wrestling was just beginning to get big, so he set up a web site to attract some more attention. He called the original web site, which was hosted on WBS, FWLnet.

In August 1997 things began to take a turn for the better. Jamie Kosoy, the person who wrote this web page and all IWO Online, joined the FWL as an e-wrestler. However, he played no role in anything beyond that. Until January 1998. Eric gave full control of FWLnet to Jeff Urso, his Co-President and friend. Jeff asked the FWL if anyone knew anything about web site design and would like to take a crack at FWLnet. Jamie volunteered, and was given the position of Creative Consultant on the FWL Board.

FWLnet was slowly growing on Geocities now. It wasn't until March 1998 that things really began to change. Jamie suggested to the FWL that they buy a domain name to attract more attention to the e-fed. He's always wanted a domain name :). In May, he used extra money he had just earned to buy FWLnet.com himself, and on June 1st, 1998, FWLnet.com began to exist, being hosted by Prescion Web Hosting.

FWLnet was rapidly gaining attention. Jamie began to create new features to attract new people, such as a Top 75 and a Web Ring. By August 1998 it looked as if the FWL was unstoppable. However, in September, an arguement ensued between all the FWL Board. Jamie, who felt he hadn't been given the credit due for making the FWL what it was, left the fed. However, he still owned FWLnet.com, something no one could take away from him since he spent the money on it. But he had nothing to do with it....

That is, till he learned of the Nightmare Wrestling Federation (NWF). The NWF had been formed earlier in the month, when the FWL fired about 20 people that Eric didn't like. John Maples, an FWL Board member for some time now, thought this was unfair and created the NWF on Geocities to compensate for them. Jamie asked John about bringing the NWF to FWLnet.com. However, they both decided it would be better to change the federation name to something that was not used by many other e-feds out there. They decided on the Internet Wrestling Organization (IWO), and quickly Jamie changed all FWLnet.com to IWO Online material.

By Novemeber 1998 the IWO was booming. It was rapidly growing, along with its web site. IWO Online introduced a flurry of new features to continue to attract more attention. In December, IWO Online won a huge victory- TNM's E-fed of the Year. All that month people had been voting for who they felt was the best e-fed on the Internet. IWO Online won in a land slide; first and second places total votes combined were not equal to IWO Online's.

By January the IWO and IWO Online seemed unstoppable. However, Prescion Web Hosting terminated their hosting of the FWLnet.com domain because of bandwidth problems. Too many people were visiting IWO Online a day for them to handle. Therefore, Jamie set up a new plan with Icom hosting. It wasn't until late March, however, that the FWLnet.com domain would come back. In the meantime, people were confused about the lack of updates to the site.

More recently, the IWO and IWO Online made a deal with Extreme Interactive Media, the company behind Scoops Wrestling. EIM took interest in IWO Online, and since the two sites have become affiliates, setting in stone the fact that the IWO is the first mega e-wrestling site ever. With Scoops, IWO Online was able to open two Top 1000 sites, a classified ads system, and more. IWO Online is testament that even the craziest of games invented by normal people can become something huge.

Since then, IWO Online has been recovering the lost time, bringing record setting e-wrestling Pay Per Views, more features than any other single e-wrestling site out there, and a new layout which has gone over fabulous with the majority of the people who visit IWO Online. The IWO has grown a fan base...there are even some out there who want Jamie to try his luck in running an actual federation. There have been many bumps in the road, but the IWO and IWO Online have continued to persevere...and hopefully we'll be here for to serve you for a long, long time.

Our popularity has now risen beyond the expectations of anything we could've ever imagined. The site got so tremendously big that in order to keep things organized, IWO-Online.com was purchased and set up on Scoops, branching our site out to 2 domains now. Coolboard.com, a newer company on the Internet, contacted us about working out something with their specialized message boards, and have since become a working part of our operation. Three IWO Minor Leagues exist, totaling over 150 members between the four feds which bear the name IWO. And our popularity never fades, even through the darkest of dark times. The fans of this e-fed-turned-super-site support the work we do, and inspire us to keep going into the future.

The next chapter in our vast history was Snowball.com. Snowball.com acquired ScoopsWrestling.com, thus making IWO Online an affiliate of them. Since Snowball.com also happened to own IGN.com, that put our sites in an excellent position: We now were considered one of, if not the leading e-wrestling site on the Internet. With IGN's backing, FWLnet continued to rise, introducing new features like Newsletters, Trivia, and more. During this period of time, IWO Online President/Webmaster Jamie Kosoy signed a two year deal to continue work, for certain benefits, for the next two years on IWO Online/FWLnet. This contract guaranteed that this site will be around until 2001!! Truley a marvel to the world, FWLnet/IWO Online is a teenager's dream come to life.