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Vancouver June 1, 1999.

ActiveState Tool Corp and Microsoft Corporation have signed a three-year agreement for a Perl Open Source development and support contract.

Perl, the leading scripting language in the Open Source community, has exploded in use on the Windows platform since 1995 when Dick Hardt, ActiveState CEO, completed a port.

As part of the agreement, ActiveState will add features previously missing from Windows ports of Perl, as well as full support for Unicode on Windows platforms, a key feature to users dealing with Asian language content. A significant amount of the development effort will be released as Open Source code under the Artistic License, Perl’s Open Source license.

"Perl is an important part of the interoperability solutions that we deliver with Windows Services for Unix," said Srini Koppolu, General Manager, Microsoft India Development Center. "We are excited by the opportunities that we’re extending to our users through providing this type of Open Source support."

"We are very pleased to continue this relationship with Microsoft," said Dick Hardt, CEO of ActiveState. "It’s further recognition that ActiveState is the technical leader in the Perl arena and the premier supplier of professional Perl tools and services."

Beta versions of the next release of ActivePerl to the Open Source Community are scheduled for August and will be presented at the Open Source Conference in August 1999.

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