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white wings says:
(Fri May 19 20:01:24 2000
white wings enters cautiously. The boards have been so huge that she had to choose between working, sleeping, and some lurking, or scrolling and posting. In view of an unfortunate tendency towards hoof-in-mouth disease in RL, she opted for keeping her job, getting sleep, and lurkage. Not very noble, but probably better.

newfan - How are you? The foot? Did I hear you say you had a cold? Babyvamps?

I fell off the wagon.shame I, well, I white wings assumes a wide-eyed ever-so-truthful air of innocence and starts talking rather quickly was going to be really really good. I packed Brown Truck with a spading fork and trowel and collapsible wheelbarrow and Roundup and a sprayer and pruning things last night so I could do major weed control after work. Then this afternoon it rained really hard late, and you're not supposed to prune when it's wet or step in the beds, and I'd have gotten wet, and and the sky was still menacing and you're not supposed to be outside if there's lightning and and soIwenttotheyarnshop. I really did need to get one more ball of a particular yarn so I could finish a pair of booties, and I only came out with 2littlebagsofdifferentyarns.

Lady Wolfsbane - Hi! You sound better.
Are you off the pills and back eating Kraft dinners? You sound better.

Thoin - Howdy. Sorry about whup. *sniff* No more Cadbury's to cheer you up with. If you can't find the G&L;, I can offer root beer floats.

Margot - As eloquent about the only way we can graciously survive as about B/A. And just as correct. More so, the unenlightened would say, but for me your posts are as rain to a drought-stricken plant (something I'm familiar with these days). Ok, maybe sucking up some, but I like to encourage those who support for my fantasies.

SOs to 4paws, AKA Becker, Arana, beldin, Boo, cats, chi, Clattering, devil, ergo sum, Erin, friday, gazoo, greeneyes, Hollyn, Jenny68, Jipsy Girl, KAM, Kiera, Lady Wolfsbane, Little Willow, Lord Mysty Mage, LilBufBuf, Merlin TWD, Mrs. Beasley, Mr. Whyt, newfan, Old One, Other Kitty, Polgara, SarahNicole, Slave2Faith, SpookyMagoo, sanj, Starr, SusieQ, Thoin, TGWIS, The Huntress, Ularu, violet, Vyger, xfiler, X-Lander, and any one else I've spoken to.


Old One says:
(Fri May 19 20:01:16 2000
Rags - Oiled One, he he.. and I was going to get you a thimble of merlot.. *g

mudpuppy - Hi there!! how are you this fine Friday eve?


Luna says:
(Fri May 19 20:00:55 2000
Umm 1st


Aimer says:
(Fri May 19 20:00:51 2000
Hey Bronzers, what's up....holy crap, i'm here 3 nights in a row. Normally, I would say that this is a bad thing for my modeling career, but I got good news today...I reached a verbal agreement with an agency today, so I'm mondo happy.

It's nice to see that everythign has settled down and I hope everyone here in the midwest/east has survived the storms. i heard we're getting more showers here tonight in Ohio. Anyone know?

Anyone wanna talk on AIM, I'm Pnthr44

Buffy Eh #79
The immortal slayer...there can be only one
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