After a turbulent time coping with his illness, Joey has decided to leave Summer Bay.

Joey (Alex O'Han) has been one of Summer Bay's favourite sons ever since he arrived from a commune run by his father, seeking a new life. He found a home with Irene (Lynne McGranger) and settled into school, getting brilliant marks in all his classes. He had a sort of romance with Tiegan (played by Sally Marett) which had its ups and downs, finally ending when Joey started suffering from schizophrenia.

No one knew that Joey was ill at first, and he had to walk down a tough road before finally being diagnosed and receiving treatment. He's been coping very well with his illness, and has been helped by the support group he's been attending. So much so that he's now decided to help others like him.

After the Board of Studies reviewed his final exam mark, Joey became eligible for university. But he's decided to defer his studies for a year and travel around Australia giving talks in schools on mental illness. It's a brave decision to make – but the way Joey has handled his illness has showed that he's a brave young man. Of course, Irene doesn't want him to go… but once Joey's made up his mind about something, it's hard to talk him out of it! So she's going to make sure she sends him off in style – along with the rest of his friends in Summer Bay. He's had a big impact on the small community, and no one will forget him in a hurry.

[Alex O'Han has left Home and Away to continue with his studies – he's in the middle of his Higher School Certificate. We wish him all the best and thank him for his great work on the show, particularly with the schizophrenia storyline. Good luck, Alex!]