M3/PC Klagenfurt 96

a Modula-3 environment for MS-DOS

This is a version of Modula-3 running on a plain DOS-PC. It is mainly addressed to students of undergraduate programming courses and other Modula-3 programming beginners. It was developed on the Department of Informatics, University of Klagenfurt. We use it in our introduction into programming courses. The system implements version 2.09 of the Digital System Research Centers Modula-3 implementation. It uses Daniel Lee Jackson's PC port of the Gnu C compiler (it is included in our release and can be ftp'd completely from here and other sites).

Our version features:

We have built a little shell (m3shell) which translates the long filenames you type in into DOS-filenames. It can be used instead of the graphical enviromnment. It has a unix-lookalike "ls"-command. There are commands to teach the system new long filenames.

There is also a version based on an older version of djgpp which includes a graphical ide (but is more difficult to install, has memory leakages problems and will not run under windows):


The Book

Online Manuals

System requirements:

How to get M3/PC Klagenfurt

To download the environment, read the installation instructions, download the selfextracting files you want and start them with the -d option.
   INSTALL          please read this first!
   m3bin.exe        self extracting zip file containing all neccessary binaries
                    (Also available in packages fitting on a floppy disk:
                     start "install.bat" to connect and install the parts!).
   m3src.exe        sources of the compiler and the graphical environment (optional)
                    (Also available in packages fitting on a floppy disk:
                     start "install.bat" to connect and install the parts!).

Limitations, problems, known bugs

This system has limitations and contains bugs. Please check the listings below and in case this does not solve your problem send email to m3pc@ifi.uni-klu.ac.at.


The projects were supervised by László Böszörményi.
Carsten Weich
Department of Informatics
University of Klagenfurt