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Indymedia is a collective of independent media ogranizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage of the MayDay2000 protests.

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Independent Radio B92 Seized

17.05.00 BELGRADE, Wednesday - In a surprise raid at about 0600 CET this morning the Serbian Government seized control of Belgrade City broadcaster Studio B, closing down its news program and pulled the plug on independent Radio B2-92 in Belgrade.
[ www.freeB92.net ]

MayDay Protesters Riseup In Global Day Of Protest

The Global Day of Action, Resistance and Carnival Against Capitalism is marked by major protests in many cities around the world. Check out pictures of MayDay protests below:

London, UK
Tokyo, Japan
The Philippines   
South Korea
Bilbao, Pay Basque

London MayDay Coverage From IndyMedia - UK

Don't believe the hype - bypass the corporate media machine - take control - make up your own mind. On Mayday itself people attending the events will have the opportunity to contribute to this site - if you choose to stay at home, and not take part, then don't just passively consume the media spectacle, check out IMC - UK and get the truth as the events unfold.
[ indymedia.org.uk ]

Live Video From London

Check out live video from the streets of london covering the real mayday actions.
[ Live Video From PriateTV ]

See also the coverage from undercurrents.
[ undercurrents.org ]


A Brief History of MayDay

All of the privileges workers enjoy today—a minimum wage, safety laws, and even an eight-hour workday—came about only with the sacrifice of the workers who came before us. Although the government prefers our collective amnesia, workers on this May Day should remember our past and realize that we too are part of an ongoing struggle to bring about an end to the exploitation of labor around the world. [ read article ]

M19 20:43:12

Finland/M1 - Reclaim The Streets
M19 17:16:58

Finland/M1 - Reclaim The Streets
M19 17:14:19

Finland/M1 - Reclaim The Streets
M19 17:11:23

Finland/M1 - Reclaim The Streets
M19 17:04:49

Finland/M1 - Reclaim The Streets
M19 17:01:03

Finland/M1 - Chairman of National Coalition appeared to the blocked street
M19 16:46:44

Finland/M1 - Chairman of National Coalition appeared to the blocked street
M19 16:43:10

Finland/M1 - Chairman of National Coalition appeared to the blocked street
M19 16:39:14

WTO hits back at criticism aired in Seattle
M19 15:30:22

Call for an Anti-Capitalist Revolutionary Bloc for the Anti-OAS/FTAA protests
M19 12:33:52

electrospeech brussels2000
M19 10:52:50

Slideshouw thousands for mumia in Paris
M19 06:04:32

Read Marcuse!
M19 05:48:12

Shut down the WEF!
M18 21:32:05

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