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What is InterMezzo?

InterMezzo is a new distributed file system with a focus on high availability. InterMezzo is an Open Source project, currently on Linux (2.2 and 2.3).

A primary target of our development is to provide support for flexible replication of directories, with disconnected operation and a persistent cache.

For example, we want to make it easy to manage copies of home directories on multiple computers, and solve the laptop/desktop synchronization problems. On a larger scale we aim to provide replication of large file repositories, for example to support high availability for servers.

InterMezzo was deeply inspired by the Coda File System, but totally re-designed and re-engineered.

On these web pages you can find the software, documentation and other information you need to use InterMezzo or to help its development.

WARNING: This is BETA software running kernel code and daemons with root permissions. Back up your data and be prepared for problems. The license describes that this software is provided without warranties of any kind.

If you're interested in real support or custom features, feel free to contact us.

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