Gypsy is Daddy's little princess. Or at least she felt that she was until the Nash family moved to Summer Bay!

Joel views country life as a new beginning, a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again. Gypsy, on the other hand, was happy where she was — back in Hong Kong amid the hustle and bustle, latest fashions and buzz of the city — and she's not going to let her dad forget it too easily.

Although she would never admit it, even to herself, it doesn't take Gypsy long to start appreciating the slower pace of life and the open spaces of Summer Bay. As far as she's concerned, city living is the be-all and end-all. The Yabbie Creek record store doesn't have a copy of the new En Vogue CD and the local department store doesn't even stock Calvin Klein!

When she first arrived in Summer Bay, nothing seemed to please Gypsy. She's very strong-willed and very image-conscious, and managed to alienate many of her peers when she first hit town.

Her father believed that Summer Bay was exactly what she needed… a touch of reality! It didn't take long for Gypsy to lose a little of her attitude and start to form some new relationships in Summer Bay… including one with a boy! When Daddy's little girl fell for 'bad-boy' Will, Joel was far from happy about the whole thing.

As Gypsy tries to spread her wings and grow up, Joel tries to clip them and keep Gypsy as his little princess, causing constant tension between the two. But when Gypsy goes ahead and does a few really dumb things, Joel is there to support her when it counts.

Gypsy had to count on that support to save her life when she faced a terrifying ordeal. She was kidnapped and held hostage by Robert Perez, a man with a vendetta against Joel. Gypsy didn't know if she was going to live or die, and it was only by tricking Robert that she was saved. But that wasn't the end of it – Robert wasn't captured, and came back to Summer Bay to torture Gypsy a bit more. He burned the Nash family house down and stole all of the family's money before he was caught.

Joel, Natalie, Tom and Gypsy moved in with Travis and Rebecca at the caravan park. Gypsy seemed to be coping with what happened to her – until she started drinking just a little bit, to help her forget. And then a little bit turned into a lot, and Gypsy had a serious drinking problem.

She got over it, though, and started going out with Will again. But a pregnancy scare made Will show his true colours – he was more concerned with what was going to happen to him, not Gypsy – so she dumped him. Not long after that, she started going out with older man Jesse, but soon realised he was probably a bit too old – he's a dad, after all! Jesse became too boring for her. And, besides, there was someone else…

Gypsy started up a cyber-flirtation with a boy who lived in Summer Bay. Little did she know it was her brother, Tom! They were both horrified when they found out. So no more cyberchat for Gypsy, but there's still romance in her life – of course! She took a shine to the new boy in town, Mitch McColl, even though Mitch seemed to have his eye on Hayley. But Hayley didn't make any moves, so Gypsy stepped right in. That doesn't mean, though, that she and Will are totally over each other…