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Way of the Warrior
Name: Way of the Warrior
Year: 1994
Publisher: Universal Interactive Studios
Type: Fighting Game
System: 3DO
Availability: Software store "discount racks." Seperately, or in the Interplay "maniac four pack."

Alright, we'll admit it: this game was a total hack. Nobody makes games this cheap. The most expensive costume in the game was $150. Our friends got paid $25 to be the characters. It was made on two old Macintoshes.

Becuase we had no blue screen, we bought a gigantic tan canvas. We called it the tan screen. We nailed the thing straight into the walls of the apartment we rented in Boston. Our landlord was pissed. We lost our security deposit.

To get the right focal distance to film the characters, we had to put the camera in the hallway outside of our apartment. Our neighbors were always walking by looking in our door at guys in Ninja costumes dancing around. We never explained it to them. They were pissed.

Way of the Warrior was the 3DO's first fighting game. It beat Street Super Street fighter and Samurai Showdown to market. Way was among top 10 best-selling 3DO games at the time, and it ended up outselling Samurai Showdown in the States. They were pissed.

Way had a lot of fans; it was sort of a cult classic on the 3DO. Then again, any 3DO game that did well was a cult classic.

People ask if we might do another fighting game. Sure we will.

For all you die-hard 3D0 fans, we've put together a WWW, or Way Of The Warrior Website for your gaming enjoyment.

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