Red Channels: The Report of

Communist Influence in Radio

and Television (1950)

The "blacklisting" of American entertainers began shortly after World War II, when suspected Communists in Hollywood were called to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Some who refused to answer questions or implicate others went to jail. Others lost their careers, several fled the country. In 1950 "Red Channels" was published by Counterattack: The Newsletter of Facts To Combat Communism. It contained a list of entertainers and the organizations they were or had once been affiliated with that were now considered subversive. This, in essence, is the blacklist. Below are links to images of the introduction, and to the pages of some of the more famous entertainers on the list.

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Intro 6 Intro 7 Leonard Bernstein Aaron Copland Howard DaSilva
Will Geer Ruth Gordon Dashiell Hammett Lena Horne Langston Hughes
Burl Ives Gypsy Rose Lee Burgess Meredith Arthur Miller Dorothy Parker
Edward G. Robinson Pete Seeger Irwin Shaw Orson Welles  The Cover

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