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3DGameGeek Interview

Billy Zelsnack
Former President Rebel Boat Rocker

(Interviewed by Jack)


Grand Opening!

This interview is commemorating the opening of 3DGameGeek.com.  Please give it a look after you've read the interview.  It's gaming news the way you like it - if you don't want adventure game news, just uncheck it and adventure game news goes away!  Give it a try, you'll find the news you like faster!

Plus, we'll be grabbing other interviews and previews that should be pretty exciting in the future!

Well, to launch the new site, I thought I would try and snag something pretty exclusive, so I talked to Billy here and got him to do his first interview after the collapse of Rebel Boat Rocker.

For those of you who need a history lesson, Rebel Boat Rocker was the company who recently collapsed with most of its members forming Gearbox Software. Gearbox is now working on the Half-Life expansion pack, Half Life: Opposing Force.

Without further ado, here goes:

Please, introduce yourself.

Billy Zelsnack. I was the president of Rebel Boat Rocker. The company that was working on praxwar before it got killed. 

Now I like to call myself unemployed.

Why was Prax War cancelled, seemingly out of nowhere? It looked like it was shaping into a major competitor.

You would have to ask ea that. 

My guess is that praxwar was approaching the end of its original 18 month development schedule and it was obvious that it was not going to be done in time. That meant if the project was to be completed, ea would have to put more money into it. 

We were always considered a gamble for ea and I guess they felt that more of a gamble was no longer in their best interest. Most of their gamble was based on the acquisition of several future engine licenses. They had some internal projects they wanted to do and the delay of praxwar meant the delay of their internal projects. 

So when quake3 became available, they had an engine for their internal projects and cut their losses with praxwar. The lack of mainstream press made it easy for them to cancel quietly, in fact Praxwar never even was on the ea page. Something I always found odd considering that the game seemed to have had quite a large community presence.

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