Graeme Squires was born in Sydney on May 13, 1980 and has an older brother and a younger sister.

Graeme's first television stint was for an airline commercial where he played a street kid. It was actually a friend who encouraged Graeme to do a drama class for personal development. Graeme says, 'Once my confidence was built up, I really loved acting. It is such an honour to be part of the Home and Away cast.'

Graeme's interests involve anything associated with the ocean. He loves to snorkel, surf and fish. He loves eating gourmet food and enjoys a well written action movie.

Ever since he was a child his favourite television programs have always been documentaries — especially about World Wars I and II. 'I also love to cruise around on my bike, it really clears my head. Besides food and girls — one of my favourite things to do is to have a siesta. Sometimes on the weekend I will go for a serious bushwalk, find a deserted beach and just sleep, off and on, all afternoon.'

Graeme plays the role of Tom Nash, 16, who loves the beach and… girls. Graeme describes Tom as a very down-to-earth teenager who simply wants to find his own way in life.

Are there any similarities between Graeme and Tom?

'We're both pretty creative. I did a lot of art and woodwork at school and we also both like the outdoors. The main difference is that Tom is outgoing and I am much quieter.'