Sam Marshall arrived in Summer Bay in 1991. Having been separated from his father, Sam had been fostered by Bobby and the two had become family, forging a strong, loving bond. When Sam's father Greg turned up in Summer Bay wanting to take Sam back with him, understandably Sam was torn between the two. Initial hostility between Greg and Bobby slowly turned to romance and, eventually, marriage. Sam was overjoyed — the two people he cared about most were together and he was finally part of a complete family.

Tragically, Bobby died in 1993, leaving both Greg and Sam devastated. Greg found that he just couldn't live in Summer Bay anymore, surrounded by so many memories of Bobby. However, Sam's life was in Summer Bay and so it was decided that Sam would live with his step-grandfather, Donald Fisher. Unused to having young, unruly boys around, Donald didn't make life particularly easy for Sam and it wasn't long before Sam was moving on to the Ross household, under the care of Pippa and Michael. Sam became very much a part of the Ross family and was shattered by Michael's death.

Having been told not to, Sam had been playing on the edge of the river and fell in. Michael died trying to save Sam's life. Sam's guilt and difficulties in coming to terms with Michael's death have resulted in some mischievous behaviour of late. No-one else blamed Sam for Michael's death but Sam himself.

Sam is no longer a little kid anymore, he is now a teenager and has discovered girls, peer pressure and life without Pippa.

Sam was devastated when Pippa decided to travel around Australia, leaving him in Rebecca and Travis's care. At first Sam was very prickly and rebellious, but he seemed to be getting used to the idea. It wasn't long, though, before Travis and Rebecca found it hard to handle the restless teenager's behaviour, and Sam decided to move back in with Fisher.

Sam's world was brightened by the arrival of Hayley Smith, who came to live with her brother Will at Irene's place. Hayley and Sam have heaps in common and enjoy each other's company, but their friendship has been tested. While Hayley was doing some graffiti about town, Sam got into tagging with his friend Brian. The two boys started doing more and more dangerous tags, until tragically Brian was killed. Sam then gave the tagging away for good.

Sam has settled in quite well with Fisher, but his world was turned upside-down when Pippa's boyfriend Ian came back and announced that Pippa was pregnant and the two of them had bought a place far away – and they wanted Tiegan, Justine and Sam to come and live with them. Sam was torn between staying in Summer Bay, with his friends, the surf and Hayley, and going to be with Pippa, who had been his mother for the last few years. It was one of the toughest decisions of his young life, but Sam finally realised that Summer Bay is home.

Sam's become used to life with Fisher and Marilyn, but his relationship with Hayley has taken a battering – he turned into a green-eyed monster when Hayley became friendly with newcomer Mitch. Sam thought that Hayley was going to leave him for Mitch, so he broke up with her first... but he still misses her. They had so much in common, and they were good mates apart from anything else. Who knows what the future will bring?