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10 & 11-99
  • Been making massive and very cool changes to the X-Current web site.  Check it out or keep up to date by reading the change list for that sub-site.


  • Cleaned up considerably and added sontent and photos to both Lucinda and X-Current sections.  Phtos now smaller for shorter download times!



  • Added some brief info about our 4th of July party to the Home Home page.


  • Along with constant news updates, add a basic bike section to the "Our House" pages.  More info will follow.


  • Wrote up my testimony which can be found under Spiritual Life on right.   First draft, needs editing...


  • Wrote up full biographies!


  • More updates to the Pirates section.  Added some original content in a big ballpark listing.  Hoping to get more stories and better flush out mine as time permits.
April - An arrest was made in the murder of our friend & minister Sam Brunsvold!!!   A detailed page with much more information has been put up in a special section linked to at the right under Brunsvold.

April -- Hey there...  Lucinda and I are very busy with our church work and my free time web page is dedicated to keeping the xcurrent web page up to date.  If you want to see some ultra-cool photos of Lucinda in a kidz stage production, hop on over to http://www.xcurrent.net and follow the links to Media Library and then SonZone Production.  You will surely get a kick out of reading that!!!

               We did just get a scanner which means when I do find the time, more web photos will be put on-line for you to see what Lucinda and I are up to.  She does have big news to share, but I need to let her write it (No!  We are NOT expecting!!!).

December --  Merry Christmas to everybody!  We realize we told everyone in our Christmas newsletter, that we would have all these neat new stories available for you on our web site.   Unfortunately, they are not yet ready.  Both Lucinda and I have lots of time off between now and the new year and those stories, as promised, WILL be published over the next two weeks.  We have a much more elaborate story about Lucinda's accident, some home info and other stuff for you to read and enjoy.  We are also planning on putting up our current and historical Christmas Newsletters for all to read.  Should be interesting!  Please check back.  And if you want an e-mail when things are complete to remind you to check back, let me know, and we'll tell you when things are up to speed.  Thanks & Merry Christmas - Caleb & Lucinda

11-15 --   As noted on the side bar, I have been spending my web development time perfecting the X-Current web site which is now visible at http://www.xcurrent.net/  X-Current is the youth ministry of Saline First Assembly of God of which Lucinda and I are lay leaders.   This past weekend, we finished up our 4-week teaching on True Love Waits with the youth making commitments to remain pure until marriage.  This was capped off by a fri/sat lock-in at the church and ceremony Sunday morning.

10-20 -- OK, Law & Order is a repeat, so I have time to get this sit up to date.  First of all, there is a section, linked to at the right, that has all the information about Lucinda's accident - mostly through a collection of e-mail that we wrote during the process.  Just to squeem out those of you who don't visit the site, a photo is attached: (click for full size)


     I also created a section for X-Current, the youth group of Saline First Assembly.  Right now it is a bit sparse, but it has some cool photos from our big 4th of July party.  You should check them out if for nothing else than to see the scanned photos I paid a lot of money for and to see our house with lots of people playing around outside!  The best though is the photo of Marty!

houseflag2-tn.jpg (18685 bytes)

10-20 -- Hey, we're back!  I had a configuration problem that I just never attended to and when I finally sat down to rectify it, 3 months had passed.  Actually, a little more has occurred.  Lucinda shattered her wrist while on vacation in August and that has thrown our lives into major chaos.  More on that will be published to this web site shortly - Lucinda is just now starting some of her re-hab, but is still waiting on the bulk of the painful work.   It is very frustrating, but she's doing great and remembering God's promise that He will not give her more than she can handle.  She is a very strong woman and can use encouragement any time you want to pass it along.
     Well, this is working, which is exciting.  I have lots of photos that have been scanned in to post here sometime real soon.  But I am down to watching only 2 television shows (Law & Order & E.R.) and one is right about to start, so it's off to my hour of mindless entertainment.  Cheers - Caleb

7-8 -- We're finally recovered from the party of last Sunday.  At work we are in the process of moving, so things are a bit hectic.   On top of the move, our team is in the middle of some quite serious work, so we're trying to stay up and running as long as possible.  I wrote up some info about the 4th of July party for you to peruse - it's nothing major and nothing you couldn't guess at, but it is a place holder for where all the photo's will go as soon as I get them on-line.  I can't wait to see the goofy ones of Marty and Tim!

7-5 --  Excellent Weekend!  No time to properly describe here & now, but we had a great party Sunday with 30+ people in attendance.  Ate great food, played some fun lawn games and had an awesome time chatting with all our friends from church.  Photos will be on-line shortly of course.   Monday, Lucinda and I biked 8.75 miles to Laura's house, swam and ate, then biked back (did I mention that all weekend it was in the 95+ temperature range?)  Great way to burn off some of the calories from a big picnic!  And with only 50 miles on my bike, the right pedal nearly came off while riding.  Now with a busy work week, I need to find the time to get it into the shop.  More when time permits - Cc

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