Tuesday 16 June, 1998

Rough horseman, police officer, stuntman... and don't forget talented actor, one could definitely describe David Woodley as a jack of all trades.

As an actor, David has had a wealth of experience, he's appeared in television commercials and series (such as Echo Point, Big Sky, Mission Impossible — he even made a guest appearance on Home and Away some years back, where he played the role of Finn's boyfriend) as well as children's television. Aside from television, David has also performed in amateur theatre, Shakespearian theatre, with the Queensland theatre company, and in a theatre restaurant. And, as if that wasn't enough, he has also starred in the 'Western Show' at Movie World on the Gold Coast and he's travelled to the UK to undertake formal training in acting. He's squeezed in all this since his career with the Federal Police!

Police officer to actor/stuntman seems like a giant career change... we asked David just how his new career came about.

Some years ago, David was working for the federal police force in Melbourne, waiting for an opportunity to get an overseas posting in foreign affairs. When he was informed that there were no longer going to be opportunities for overseas postings, David reassessed his career options. He decided to apply for the Queensland police force and had a 12-month interim period before he could join.

'And that's when I started doing commercials and acting workshops,' says David. I was really enjoying it and doing quite well so I didn't really want to go back to the police force, but I thought it was a safe, secure position so I did go into training for the Queensland police, but then gave it away for acting.