May 30, 2000


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1 or 2-Player
Special Features:
Earn Guitar Effects; 7 Levels; Unlock PaRappa; 2-Player Competitive or Cooperative Modes; Jam in the Cool Zone; a Big Flat World; Dual Shock Compatible
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Andy, The Game Hombre
Concept: 9
Graphics: 9
Sound: 9.75
Playability: 8
Entertainment: 8
"Dojo! Casino! Um Jammer Lammy is all in the mind. If you thought PaRappa was hip, then wait til you get a load of Lammy - she rocks the house from the east coast to the west coast, from downtown to uptown. The gameplay is almost identical to the rapping puppy's, except now it's with a guitar and you have a whammy bar that you can bend up or down, and effect pedals that you can punch in and out. Luckily, there are some great new options in UJL, including the hidden PaRappa levels, as well as the much-needed Mulitplayer, Cooperative, and Vs. modes. Like PaRappa before it, Lammy is hilarious from beginning to end with tunes that are so catchy, you'll find yourself singing them everywhere. As before, the novelty does wear off and all you're left with is a singing lamb. But who cares? Play this game."

Jay, The Gonzo Gamer
Concept: 8
Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 9
Playability: 7.5
Entertainment: 8.75
"Finally, my rock n' roll dreams can be realized without my having to go to the trouble of actually learning to play. The songs in Lammy are as catchy as ever, and you will definitely find yourself unconsciously bobbing your head like an idiot while playing. Um Jammer Lammy is a blast the whole way through, but sadly the game is entirely too short. Defeating this game in a night is like going to a great concert - it leaves you wanting more. I'm also a little miffed that the designers used the Select button for choosing effects rather than the D-pad, since I accidentally ended a great jam one time too many by pressing Start. Also, how the hell does this game keep score? Ah, who cares? It's fun and it rocks. Definitely one to rent and riff with."

Reiner, The Raging Gamer
Concept: 8.5
Graphics: 8.25
Sound: 9
Playability: 7.5
Entertainment: 7
"What a cute little freaked-out game. I laughed my way though the twenty minutes of play in PaRappa, and now, in Um Jammer Lammy, I wailed through the three hours of play. Again, this guitar/rap simulator is short, but the material that you soak in is absolutely beautiful. The graphics are killer, and the songs are just as catchy as in the first game. Out of the series, Um Jammer Lammy is home to my favorite lick. How can you not bang your head to the plane ride? But as a whole, PaRappa has a better collection of tunes. The new multiplayer modes give this game a little more longevity, yet it can be completely conquered in one sitting. This is a great party game, and I recommend picking it up simply because it can be played over and over again. If you just want to play through once, rent it."

Um Jammer Lammy

Dogs Rap, Sheep Rock

October 25, 1999

PaRappa the Rapper was a fresh innovation that proved there were still new genres of gaming to be explored. Sony is delving deeper into the idea behind PaRappa with its sequel, Um Jammer Lammy. But will Lammy, the sheep that can jam on an axe like no other fleeced female can, bring this series up the Stairway to Heaven or drive it down the Highway to Hell?

As the player, it's up to you to help Lammy through her first big show with her band, MilkCan. Unfortunately, she only has 15 minutes to make the gig. A lot of guitar lessons can be picked up in a hurry, however. On the way to the venue, Lammy will put out a fire, put babies to sleep, fly a plane, saw herself a new guitar, and play a concert in an alternate dimension. Whew!

For every stage completed, a new effect for your six string is earned. With harmonizer, flanger, distortion, reverb, and wah wah in her possession, Lammy will really be able to bring down the house at the MilkCan show, as long as she can remember, "Dojo, casino, the guitar is in your mind!"

Like PaRappa, success in Um Jammer Lammy is judged by following the button pattern that scrolls across the top of the screen...well, kind of. It's one thing to be able to play, but it's another to jam. To work your way up to Cool, you must learn to improvise during pauses, make the best of the effects, and freak out with the L2, R2 pitch benders. The reward for reaching the level of Cool is a solo performance. No longer must you follow the notes; instead you try to stay Cool by jamming on your own.

Once the game is completed, PaRappa becomes an unlocked character, and the game can be played through again with the doggy MC tearing up the mike old-school style. With two players, a Cooperative or Competitive mode can be played, with either Lammy and Rammy (The Dark Lord of the Riff) on two guitars, or with Lammy and PaRappa (if he's unlocked) forming the greatest fusion of rap and metal since Run DMC teamed with Aerosmith. Cooperative mode is much like the one-player game, except with the players taking turns on the amp. In Competitive mode, each player starts with 300 points. The first to force the other to zero, or the person with the highest score at the end of the tune, wins.

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