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Photos by Team UZB.

Rips and bumps in the floor apparatus contributed to overall low FX scores during the competition. The room itself is so small that gymnasts had to wait their turn for other apparatus in the floor area and dodge the gymnast performing the floor exercise. The temperature in Tashkent regularly exceeds 100 degrees F(40 degrees C) in the summer, but the training center has no air conditioning.

Antiquated vault apparatus in Samarkand. None of the current Team UZB gymnasts perform Yurchenko vaults due to lack of safety pads for the springboards and the absence of a foam pit.
Aleksandra Gordeeva trains on a worn down low beam.

The decrepit and potentially unsafe condition of the UB apparatus is readily apparent. The UZB Sports Committee was given a quote of US$100,000 to bring the gym up to international training standards, which is equal to the Committee's entire budget for ALL sports in Uzbekistan.

Safety cables and adjustment bars are so rusted, bent and corroded that the gymnasts are unable to make adjustments to them. Bar joints are kept attached by makeshift means.

Safety cable tension is provided by a twisted piece of metal held on with strips of floor mat stuffing. The Team UZB gymnasts are perpetually short of chalk and tape and the girls sometimes wear swimsuits because leos are not sold in UZB. The gymnasts each carry around their allotted chalk in closely guarded plastic bags or jars.

Improvisation is key for the gymnasts to achieve their skills and development. Here, a makeshift handstand device is constructed from the dilapidated pads and equipment.

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