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New Server Arrangement

Yes, I've finally updated this page... :)

After serveral requests and lack of players on the Quake2 / UT servers, I have decided to give Quake3 a go - in the form of its latest and popular mod Quake3Fortress. I will endevour to keep the versions on both the Q3F server and CounterStrike server up to date. Please note the changes in the Server Addresses section.

Changes to the CounterStrike Server

I have added an admin mod to the CounterStrike server, due to many request for rcon privledges and additional features such as map voting. For further information about this mod; commands, etc. please visit http://halflifeadmin.sourceforge.net

I will be allocating selected privledges to certain people, plus using the mod as a way to give certain rcon abilities to clans wanting practice / battles. If you would like to have a clan related activity, please do not ask me on the night, I will require an email beforehand.

Octa4's LAN and the Future

I'm after someone with even the slightest bit of literary talent to do up a story about Octa4's first LAN Party. Please submit here. All due credit will be given.

I have also have serveral request for information about whether or not there WILL be another LAN - I have no problems putting in the time, but it is a matter of convincing the powers that be. Maybe if you are really keen (and I'll probably cop it for this) email Toni and emphatically state your reasoning :)

Server Addresses

Game Server Address IP Address
Quake 3 Fortress Beta1-b (Darwin) gamer1.octa4.net.au
Quake 3 Fortress Beta1-b (Alice or other ISP) gamerfw1.octa4.net.au
Half-Life 1016 (CounterStrike 6.1) (Darwin) gamer2.octa4.net.au
Half-Life 1016 (CounterStrike 6.1) (Alice or other ISP) gamerfw.octa4.net.au

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