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Black Spiral

This is the final online preview of Warlock: Black Spiral. This online preview is inferior in many ways to the soon-to-be-published version of Warlock: Black Spiral: this text was compiled from the word-processor version of Warlock, before art was added, the tables and character sheets were formatted, and some textual changes were made to the finished manuscript. We offer this to our friends and customers in the hope that what you see here will motivate you to find and buy Warlock from your local game store when it comes out (which should be in late 1998 -- cross your fingers!).

This version of Warlock is not public domain: do not upload it anywhere else (see the first few minutes of any commercial videotape for details).



Design & Editing:

Brandon Blackmoor

Contributing Authors:

Susan Blackmoor, Chris Nasipak, David Bolack, Nathan Bardsley, R. Sean Borgstrom


Brandon Blackmoor, Albrecht Durer, William Timmins

Special Thanks:

Bruce Baugh, Powell Crider, Lamar Henderson, Matthew Skipper, Jeff Wilson, and the Eyrie Mafia

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Black Gate Publishing
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Your questions and comments will be read and replied to much faster if you use e-mail: you can contact the authors at Internet address and The authors regularly contribute to the Alarums & Excursions APA ’zine, and intermittently monitor UseNet for articles concerning Black Gate Publishing, Legacy, and Warlock.


Warlock: Black Spiral was written on a Winbook XP 486dx100 notebook running Windows 95 using Microsoft Word. The book was designed and typeset on a Pentium 133 running Windows 95 using Adobe Pagemaker. The headings use Burton’s Nightmare and Qualitype’s QTAntiquePost typefaces, and the text is in Adobe’s Garamond. The entire book was output directly to film on a XXwhat imagesetter.


Warlock: Black Spiral is a game. If it becomes more important than real life, or if playing it results in antisocial behavior, then you aren’t playing it correctly.

Black Gate does not require drug tests as a condition of employment, and we make every attempt not to buy or use any products made by any manufacturer that does, including Gateway 2000. They are not your friends.

The mention of or reference to any companies or products in these pages is not a challenge to the trademarks or copyrights concerned.

Copyright © 1994 Black Gate Publishing, Inc. ®. All rights reserved. Players may reproduce individual pages from Warlock for personal use only. Reproduction in any other manner without the written consent of the publishers is prohibited.

Produced by Black Gate Publishing, P.O. Box 1134, Portsmouth, VA 23705-1134. Printed in USA. First US Edition, XXmonth 1998. ISBN 0-9641722-4-0. Stock # BGP3000. A portion of the proceeds from this game is donated to the Home School Legal Defense Association.


It is expected in a work of this sort that the author begin by strenuously protesting that what she has penned is pure fantasy. The typical book or game which involves the occult, even peripherally, commonly begins its narrative with energetic declarations that such things do not, in fact, exist, and that the author has no intention of fostering a belief in such utter nonsense. The vigorous denial of any factual basis whatsoever has become so commonplace that its absence would be taken as an admission that the author intended to corrupt the morals of youth and undermine the fabric of society.

Let us instead begin by saying that this is a game. If you didn’t know that already, now you do. It is a game about people who can bend reality, people who can, through an expenditure of effort, change the world around them. They can do Magick. Does this mean that this game is based purely on imagination? Quite the contrary: Magick is very real. Magick was born with the first words ever spoken, and Magick lives in the heart of everyone who looks into the infinite and sees themselves reflected. Magick exists in the minds of engineers and of poets, of astronauts and of pizza chefs. Magick creates Something from Nothing, and that is the oldest and most human ability in the universe. You live and breathe Magick every day.

So, to be clear, this is not purely a work of fiction. Certainly the characters and situations presented are imaginary, but it is just as certain that someone, somewhere bears a more than passing resemblance to the personalities portrayed within these pages. At the moment I write this, a mystic contacts her ancestors and an alchemist transmutes lead to gold. Howling spirits roam the desert, called by a shaman to do his bidding, while Baron Samedi mounts a cheval and tells bawdy jokes. We did not invent these things; they existed without us and will continue to exist when we are not even dust.

Magick doesn’t exist in this book, or any book: it is born within the human heart. In the final analysis, no one needs instructions to work Magick; if you want to know how, you’ll figure it out for yourself. As with any human endeavor, it is up to the individual to choose whether she does good or ill with what she knows. Like computers, firearms, and the written word, Magick is a tool, as good or as evil as the use to which human beings put it. If Magick teaches us anything, it is this: take responsibility for what you choose, because ultimately you will be the one to pay the price for it.

Warlock: Black Spiral is Copyright © 1994 Black Gate Publishing, Inc. ® All rights reserved.

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