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Monday June 05 2000


District Operations
Specialized Support Services
Real Property
Industrial Property
Supporting Sections

District Operations
Executive Director, Martin Delaney, (902) 424-4059

All general highway, bridge maintenance and fleet management is administered through four district offices:

Central (Bedford),
Eastern (Sydney),
Northern (Truro),
Western (Bridgewater)

If you have questions or concerns, you can either call the district that serves your area or our toll-free number: 1-888-432-3233. In Halifax the number for inquiries is (902) 424-2297.

Central District: Halifax County, including the Halifax Regional Municipality, and Hants County
District Director, Jim Talbot, (902) 424-5328

Eastern District: Counties of Guysborough, Antigonish, Inverness, Richmond, Victoria and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality
District Director, Bruce Fitzner, (902) 563-2250

Northern District: Counties of Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou
District Director: John Archibald, (902) 893-5780.

Western District: Counties of Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne, Yarmouth, Annapolis and Kings
District Director: Roger Larkin, (902) 543-4121.

Fleet Management is responsibile for TPW's fleet of vehicles and equipment, as well as the four cable ferries at LaHave, Englishtown, Country Harbour, and Little Narrows; and three self-propelled ferries at Petit and Grand Passage, and Tancook Island.
Director, Doug Smith (902) 861-1911


Specialized Support Services Division
Executive Director, Al MacRae, (902) 424-5687

This division provides design services and manages capital programs for all building, highway, and bridge infrastructure. It has two sections: Engineering & Design, and Infrastructure Management.

The Engineering & Design Section of the Specialized Support Services Division provides

  • architectural, mechanical, and electrical consulting services for government projects
  • project management
  • interior design services
  • energy management
  • environmental services
  • highway and bridge design
  • signals and lighting design and construction
  • and manages major construction projects such as hospitals and schools funded by the Province.

Director: John O'Connor, (902) 424-2756
Building Design, Manager: Alan North, (902) 424-2952
Environmental Services, Manager: Denis Rushton, (902) 424-4082
Highway/Bridge Design, Manager: Mark Pertus, (902) 424-6777
Technical Support, Manager: Tom Gouthro, (902) 860-2999

The Infrastructure Management Section of the Specialized Support Services Division:

  • manages roadway and building infrastructure
  • ensures uniform traffic regulations
  • provides roadway-needs evaluation
  • provides program development for infrastructure planning
  • develops and maintains safety, needs and evaluation measures
  • develops and maintains roadway inventory and traffic census programs
  • overseas traffic regulations
  • administers traffic regulations
  • administers federal and municipal cost-shared agreements
  • administers capital construction programs
  • conducts studies for new highway alignments

Director: Ralph Hessian, (902) 424-4193
Traffic Services, Manager: David Rice Smith (902) 424-7769
Asset Systems, Manager: Kent Speiran, (902) 424-3510
Needs and Programs, Manager: Phil Corkum, (902) 424-3508

Environmental Services Group
The Environmental Services Group of Transportation and Public Works acts on behalf of government to:

  • Conduct environmental assessment and cleanup of contaminated sites
  • Conduct environmental impact assessments
  • Manage roadside vegetation
  • Develop and promote environmentally sound construction and maintenance practices
  • Assess buildings for hazardous materials
  • Monitor air quality
  • Develop water supplies and sewage treatment systems
  • Manage hazardous chemical, PCB and asbestos removal and disposal
  • Manage building demolition and waste disposal/recycling
  • Undertake public awareness program

Manager,  Denis Rushton, (902) 424-4082


Real Property Division
Executive Director, John MacLean, (902) 424-2808.

This Division manages accommodations and facilities for government, manages government buildings, provides project management and trade services to government departments, acquires and disposes of government property and controls inventory. It has two sections:

Accommodation and Facilities
Enterprise Development

The Accommodation and Facilities Section of the Real Property Division

  • oversees buying, renting, selling and managing government owned buildings and properties
  • looks after renting leasehold facilities for government departments and associated agencies, boards and commissions
  • provides project management and trade services to government departments.

Director: Don Sutherland, (902) 424-2808
Facilities and Assets, Manager: Emmitt Kelly, (902) 424-2807
Acquisition and Disposal, Manager: Graydon Bushell, (902) 424-5699
Building Services Managers

The Enterprise Development Section of the Real Property Division

  • provides administrative and management services for various provincially owned facilities, such as industrial parks, incubator malls, wharves, golf courses and parking facilities as well as the government sign shop and lumber yard.
  • provides support to the Industrial Properties Division in environmental clean-up and demolition activities at various industrial sites including the Muggah Creek Watershed (Sydney Tar Ponds).

Director: Gary Campbell, (902) 424-2800
Enterprise Operations, Acting Manager: Judy Langille,
(902) 424-7132


Industrial Properties
Executive Director, Murray MacGray, (902) 424-2904

People from this Division represent the province as part of the Joint Action Group (JAG) for the environmental clean-up of the Muggah Creek Watershed. In this capacity, TPW

  • directs funding support activities as a representative on the JAG Roundtable and Steering Committee
  • represents the province in federal/provincial/municipal cost-sharing and other negotiations for the JAG process
  • is responsible for the crown-owned company known as the Sydney Environmental Resources Limited (SERL) on behalf the Minister of Transportation and Public Works, the sole shareholder of the company. SERL's acting chairman of the board is Edwin MacLellan, PhD (902) 567-1133.

Security Services falls under Industrial Properties and provides a full range of investigative and security support services for government.
Director of Security: Harry Wheaton, (902) 424-3416


Supporting Sections

These six internal groups provide TPW with the planning, financial, human resource management, administrative and technological services it needs to do its work.

Policy and Planning
Financial Services
Human Resources
Information Technology
Internal Audit

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