Dr. Seuss? An incredible man . . .

Dr. Seuss is a wonderful author to study, because the themes in his books can be simple or complex. In the fall of 1996, I used his books to start the year in a first grade classroom. On this page are links to other Dr. Seuss sites and a booktable showing what my first graders did as we did an author study on him that fall ! Enjoy!


Tommaso used KidPix 2
to draw this picture
in September, 1996!

Cut Loose

Dr. Seuss!


Laura drew this picture
using KidPix 2
in September, 1996!

Please help celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday by reading all day!!

Thanks to Colleen for this picture! Click on the picture of Thing 1 and Thing 2 to go to my Dr. Seuss Booktable where you can learn more about the books and activities I used with my students. This part of my page evolves as I have time to add to it!

As with any web sites, I recommend strongly that parents and teachers carefully preview the sites before viewing with children. Please remember that I do not own or have control over the content of any linked sites. If you find a site that I have linked to that is inappropriate for young children, PLEASE E-Mail me pwhite@albemarle.org

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No Dr. Seuss page
would be complete without
a picture of the man. . .
so, here's one I like.

Click on his picture to go to
Random House's OFFICIAL
Home Page of Dr. Seuss!

(I've used their image to connect to them!)

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