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Chat with Marianne Williamson
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Tuesday, June 16, 1998
, 6:30pm US Pacific Time
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FlowCCC: Our special guest today is
FlowCCC: Marianne Williamson
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FlowCCC: Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed author
FlowCCC: and lecturer on spirituality and new thought. Her first book,
FlowCCC: "A Return to Love," topped The New York Times bestseller list
FlowCCC: for 35 weeks in 1992 and was the fifth largest selling book
FlowCCC: in America that year. Her second book, "A Woman's Worth,"
FlowCCC: topped the bestseller lists for 19 weeks.

FlowCCC: A native of Houston, Texas, Marianne has been lecturing
FlowCCC: professionally on spirituality and metaphysics since 1983.
FlowCCC: Her most recent books, "The Healing of America" and
FlowCCC: "Illuminated Prayers" were released this past Fall.

FlowCCC: Welcome Marianne! We're delighted that you could join us today!
FlowCCC: For starters...
FlowCCC: It's now been some months since Citizen Salons started - what are some of the noteworthy activities that are emerging from the Salons?

MarianneW: Thank you so much, I'm very glad to be here.
MarianneW: I am very excited about the contribution that I think these salons are making
MarianneW: to the political landscape.
MarianneW: That contribution is quiet but dignified.
MarianneW: Slowly but surely Americans are beginning to deepen our public conversation,
MarianneW: to repudiate the shallowness and hysteria that now pervade the political air.
MarianneW: Politics, as Gandhi said, must include sacred space.
MarianneW: Anything must include sacred space in order to be meaningful.
MarianneW: That is what we are seeking in the Citizen Salons --
MarianneW: not answers per se,
MarianneW: but more meaningful questioning.
MarianneW: From that will arise more meaningful solutions.

FlowCCC: Let's jump right into an issue here...
FlowCCC: We've had recent national news focused on race and ethnicity - notably the hate crime incidents in Texas and elsewhere; efforts to dismantle affirmative action laws; and voter repeal of bilingual education in California. What are your thoughts about how we might address these issues?

MarianneW: Those are 3 very separate issues obviously,
MarianneW: but I will try to address them all.
MarianneW: First, there is the hate crime in Texas.
MarianneW: Obviously there is a law against murder,
MarianneW: and obviously the perpetrators of that crime will be brought to human justice.
MarianneW: But ultimately that is not enough:
MarianneW: we must dismantle hatred itself.
MarianneW: Hatred cannot be legislated away;
MarianneW: it must be transformed by love,
MarianneW: by the grace of God.
MarianneW: This is why a faith based perspective is so critically necessary in order to heal the deeper wounds which scar this country.

MarianneW: At the Church of Today in Warren, Michigan,
MarianneW: where I am currently based,
MarianneW: we have been having what we call Racial Reconciliation meetings.
MarianneW: We are now holding them on a weekly basis.
MarianneW: They are merely an opportunity for healing to occur naturally as a result of two or more joined together in prayer and prayerfulness,
MarianneW: honest and authentic sharing from the heart,
MarianneW: and as compassionate and non-judgmental listening as possible.
MarianneW: What we most need in the area of race,
MarianneW: spiritually, is for people - both black and white -
MarianneW: to be able to share their story,
MarianneW: their honest feelings,
MarianneW: and to be heard.
MarianneW: From that level of true communion comes the experience of grace.

MarianneW: Today I had lunch with a traditional Christian minister and we discussed these meetings at our church.
MarianneW: Remember: we are both ministers in Detroit,
MarianneW: where racial tension is very real indeed.
MarianneW: It was very heartening to me the way he responded to this idea of a Racial Reconciliation movement in this country.
MarianneW: We discussed how we might facilitate an interfaith movement of this sort.
MarianneW: We prayed together for guidance and direction.
FlowCCC: wonderful idea!

MarianneW: The stories I have heard at my church,
MarianneW: from an African American mother sharing her fears for her son to the confessions of a former KuKluxKlan member,
MarianneW: have convinced me that the heart of this country is ready to burst with the spiritual medicine that will heal us all.
MarianneW: We simply need to allow the process.
MarianneW: God is stronger than racism,
MarianneW: God is stronger than hate,
MarianneW: and God can heal all things.
MarianneW: As far as affirmative action is concerned,
MarianneW: I am for it and regret the attacks upon it.

MarianneW: I'm one of those people who feel that it hasn't had enough time to do what it needs to do,
MarianneW: that it needs to be in place a few more years before its potential for deep impact is fully accomplished.
MarianneW: But those of you who know my work know that I am a rather fervent believer in the processes of democracy.
MarianneW: This is one of those areas where each of us need to look in our hearts and see what we find there.
MarianneW: That is central to good citizenship.
MarianneW: We will not all come up with the same answers - some people sincerely believe affirmative action is wrong,
MarianneW: just as I sincerely believe that it is right.
MarianneW: But I think that as long as we seek the guidance within our own heart, and express it,
MarianneW: then the truth will always reveal itself.

MarianneW: There is no one particular view that is dangerous in America.
MarianneW: What is dangerous is how many people aren't expressing their opinions on these things one way or the other.
MarianneW: As you can probably guess, given my obvious political leanings, I'm also in favor of bilingual education.
MarianneW: I particularly regret its dismantling in California,
MarianneW: where I have lived for quite awhile,
MarianneW: because I saw how much misinformation was spread regarding this subject.
MarianneW: Those of us who are in favor of bilingual education feel just as strongly as anyone else
MarianneW: that the children of America should learn the English language.
MarianneW: Bilingual education is simply a way of allowing children a way to do that which honors and respects the psychological needs of a developing child,
MarianneW: and the educational imperatives that go along with that.
MarianneW: The tragedy with both bilingual education and affirmative action,
MarianneW: in my opinion,
MarianneW: is that both of these things have been working.
MarianneW: They have clearly shown success.
MarianneW: It's sad to see us move backwards in areas where we had been making such progress.

FlowCCC: Thanks, Marianne - lots to think about there! :-)

FlowCCC: Let's go to some audience questions...
AskMarianne: being says: In an estranged relationship should we aim for physically trying to make the relationship compatible or is accepting the other in the circle of light with myself all that is needed/
MarianneW: I'm sorry, but I don't really understand that question.
FlowCCC: okay, let's move on to the next one then..

AskMarianne: lerg says: Marianne - do you see yourself in Michigan long term?

MarianneW: I don't know.
MarianneW: It feels very right to me that I'm here now,
MarianneW: and I can already feel that I am laying down pretty deep emotional roots at this church.
MarianneW: But who among us really knows where we will be in the future and when?
MarianneW: Part of spiritual surrender is leaving these questions in the hands of God.

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AskMarianne: tresarose says: Marianne, notwithstanding the major "faux-paux" of your now also working out of Detroit yet scheduling your chat at the same time as the only "Reality" in the Motor City (hockey); would you consider a grass roots type campaign for President of the United States?

MarianneW: That's one of the strangest questions I've ever heard. :o)
MarianneW: As far as the hockey is concerned,
MarianneW: you're right!
MarianneW: I just haven't been here long enough to realize how sacred these things are here. :o)

AskMarianne: lightman-aj says: Hi Marianne! I have noticed that your latest book, Healing Of America, detracts from the principles in A Course In Miracles. Why would you suppose this is so?

MarianneW: I don't see where it does.
MarianneW: If anything,
MarianneW: the book is my effort to apply my understanding of spiritual principles to the political realm.
MarianneW: A Course in Miracles does not ask us to ignore the world,
MarianneW: but to transform it by seeing it differently,
MarianneW: by seeing that our purpose here is to love.
MarianneW: How does it detract from A Course in Miracles to point out that billions of dollars spent on a military budget is a less loving use of our resources than the expenditure of that money on our children?

AskMarianne: kissling says: How would you respond to someone who thinks A Course in Miracles is the work of Satan because it says in the bible that he will come as a messenger of love and light?

MarianneW: I would laugh, and thank them for sharing.
MarianneW: Who's to say that that very comment - that A Course in Miracles is the work of Satan -
MarianneW: is not the work of Satan.
MarianneW: Satan is a pretty dangerous concept,
MarianneW: in my opinion.
MarianneW: Better to lay off judgment, to believe what you believe,
MarianneW: and respect the right of others to believe as they believe.

AskMarianne: latanak says: Hi Marianne, as one of your on line salon participants-I would like to know your vision for us for actual action instead of only discussion. Any plans?

MarianneW: As you know,
MarianneW: we post action alerts on the website.
MarianneW: Ron Hindle does a very fine job of suggesting particular projects and causes.
MarianneW: But I am at this point most interested with the causal level of events i.e. consciousness,
MarianneW: and the deepening of our social and political conversation.
MarianneW: Action that stems from shallow roots will have shallow effects.
MarianneW: Action that stems from deep roots will have deep effects.
MarianneW: Americans have been watching too much television for so long,
MarianneW: and spending too much time at the mall for so long,
MarianneW: that we need to literally relearn the art of conversation.
MarianneW: Did you know that Thomas Jefferson used to spend 2 hours every morning writing letters?
MarianneW: Our thinking, our communicating,
MarianneW: our expressing ourselves in a meaningful way
MarianneW: is in my opinion a necessary prelude to meaningful political action.

MarianneW: Having said that,
MarianneW: I will say this:
MarianneW: I have something up my sleeve.
MarianneW: It's nothing I can talk about yet,
MarianneW: because it is in a seminal phase,
MarianneW: but it would involve a more action oriented approach regarding these issues.
MarianneW: I have kept very close to my heart about this.
MarianneW: I know how many people have felt frustrated by what has seemed at times my lack of active energy in this area.
MarianneW: But I can only do what I feel inwardly directed to do,
MarianneW: and until this point my direction has simply been to hold a space for deeper thought and reflection.
MarianneW: Please stay tuned.

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FlowCCC: the American Renaissance Alliance or "Citizen Salons,"
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FlowCCC: Marianne's website is at:
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AskMarianne: traveler2 says: Marianne: Would it be possible for you to address Meditation at sometime in your lectures or on Talk City?

MarianneW: I address meditation in my lectures quite frequently,
MarianneW: and would be glad to do so here.
MarianneW: Basically,
MarianneW: I think it's all important.
MarianneW: Whether we're doing the exercises in the workbook of A Course in Miracles,
MarianneW: Transcendental Meditation,
MarianneW: Buddhist Meditation,
MarianneW: Jewish Meditation,
MarianneW: Christian Meditation or any other,
MarianneW: I believe that meditation is, along with prayer,
MarianneW: our greatest tool for world change.

MarianneW: When we meditate,
MarianneW: our brain literally emits different brain waves.
MarianneW: We receive information more deeply than we do during normal waking consciousness.
MarianneW: In A Course in Miracles, it says that
MarianneW: "Five minutes spent with Him in the morning is enough to guarantee that He will be in charge of our thought forms throughout the day."
MarianneW: I cannot overestimate the difference in the quality of my life on the days when I have meditated versus the days when I have not.
MarianneW: I totally agree with the theories expressed by the TM movement and others
MarianneW: that enough meditation done by trained meditators would bring about world peace.

AskMarianne: skyeking says: been studying truth principles for years and still in poverty consciousness. what do I do?

MarianneW: Charles Filmore, founder of the Unity movement,
MarianneW: has written very good material on the subject of prosperity.
MarianneW: In addition to that,
MarianneW: I refer you to the kinds of ideas I wrote about in A Return to Love.
MarianneW: Namely, it might behoove you to look within your heart for places where you judge money or wealthy people,
MarianneW: where your attitudes about money are either out of integrity or prejudiced in some way against our having it.
MarianneW: I'm sure you have looked into ways in which you may have received negative conditioning regarding money as a child.
MarianneW: If you have,
MarianneW: surrender all of that to God and ask him to transform your thoughts.
MarianneW: Money is nothing more than a reflection of God's abundance.
MarianneW: No more or less than any other form of energy.
MarianneW: There is enough for everyone,
MarianneW: if our thoughts attain purity.
MarianneW: At the same time,
MarianneW: remember that we must give in order to receive.
MarianneW: If you do not already tithe,
MarianneW: I would certainly suggest that you consider doing so.
MarianneW: Good luck,
MarianneW: I know that financial stress can be very difficult,
MarianneW: and I wish you well.

AskMarianne: gwynvyd says: I have not heard of these salons.. what are they all about?

MarianneW: In my book, The Healing of America,
MarianneW: I talk about people getting together to discuss political and social issues from a spiritual perspective.
MarianneW: There are over 40 salons throughout the country,
MarianneW: in which people do just that.
MarianneW: If you call the American Renaissance Alliance at (202) 544 - 1219
MarianneW: you can receive more information.
MarianneW: Or,
MarianneW: check out our website at

AskMarianne: mr2happy says: What is your assessment on the impact of the Internet to further the "Healing"?

MarianneW: A Course in Miracles says that nothing in this world has meaning of itself.
MarianneW: All things are used by the mind,
MarianneW: for purposes of love or purposes of fear.
MarianneW: Nowhere could this be clearer than on the Internet.
MarianneW: It's capacity for enlightenment is awesome,
MarianneW: and so, unfortunately, is its capacity for danger and destructiveness.
MarianneW: Once again,
MarianneW: it's not our technological progress but rather our spiritual progress that will ultimately determine the fate of the species.

FlowCCC: Here's a comment..
AskMarianne: ladonh says: Your books & tapes have meant so much to me these paths few months. I want to thank you for helping me find my way back to God.
FlowCCC: and a question:
AskMarianne: abueloguapo says: Marianne, please define sacred space in politics

MarianneW: Thank you very much for saying that, I'm honored to have played a part in your path.
MarianneW: The political conversation in America today is dominated by the most petty, narrow minded,
MarianneW: fear based,
MarianneW: emotionally low level sensibilities possible.
MarianneW: Sacred space is a domain of consciousness dominated by noble thought,
MarianneW: mutual respect and honor,
MarianneW: and honest and humble desire to find our own virtue,
MarianneW: and avoidance of the temptation to project guilt onto those with whom we do not agree,
MarianneW: and a common dedication to build a world for our children
MarianneW: that is safer and more joyful than the one we live in now.
MarianneW: Wouldn't it be incredible if politics looked like that?
MarianneW: It's possible,
MarianneW: if we want it.
MarianneW: Martin Luther King was a political figure who spoke from a sacred context.
MarianneW: So was Gandhi.
MarianneW: So, at his best, was Bobby Kennedy.
MarianneW: It's one of the challenges of our generation to re-inject the good,
MarianneW: the true and the beautiful into American politics.

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AskMarianne: krisxlee says: What advice can you give to those of us who are trying to release our judgments of others?

MarianneW: Give them to God. That's the only way.
MarianneW: one more thing...
MarianneW: Often we don't see the innocent in another person,
MarianneW: but if we ask God to show it to us,
MarianneW: He will.
MarianneW: We are merely asked to be willing to see someone's innocence.
MarianneW: After that,
MarianneW: the Holy Spirit will heal our perceptions.

FlowCCC: Our time has really flown by! Any closing thoughts you'd like to share with us, Marianne?

MarianneW: Thank you all for being here tonight.
MarianneW: I enjoyed the quality of your questions,
MarianneW: and I appreciated the tenor of the conversation.
MarianneW: I hope to be here again soon,
FlowCCC: and we enjoy the caliber of your answers, Marianne!
MarianneW: thanks to Talk City for having me
MarianneW: and thanks to all of you for showing up.
MarianneW: God bless,
MarianneW: and good night.
MarianneW: Thank you, Flow.

FlowCCC: Thank YOU, Marianne! :-)
FlowCCC: Thank you Marianne for this wonderful discussion!
FlowCCC: And thank you everyone for joining us tonight! :-)

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