PHOTOGRAPHICA.... Early & Antique Cameras, Magic Lanterns and slides, Pre Cinema, Optical toys, Stereo , Cine, Kaleidoscopes, Daguerreotypes, Photographic books. Mailed World-wide by Lionel Hughes. We include a large number of 19th and early 20th century items and occasional rare earlier items as well as the later black and white items that comprise the contents of most dealers stock.The business, run by Lionel and Christine Hughes, started full time in 1976. Christine also sells small antiques. We have been selling worldwide by mail from our lists to knowledgeable collectors and dealers since 1980.

This web page has a few items from our last list but has additional new items regularly added.

Last changes 24 May 2000

Our last list 991 was mailed after the Easter break. Most items . Illustrated in colour. Subscriptions for our lists by mail are 3 or $U.S.5 or equivalent for each, refundable with any purchase over 25. This is less than our cost. Most recent mail buyers get them free.

Specialised Cameras...........Magic Lanterns

Field or View Cameras...Optical Toys and Illusions

Hand and Detective Cameras......Sub Miniature Cameras

Roll Film and 35mm Cameras...Accessories and Lenses

Images, Ephemera and Books......Cine Equipment

Information & References.

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National Museum of Photography, Film & Television

Pacific Rim Camera.

Toby Whitfeld "flashback" at Portobello Rd.

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PLEASE NOTE: A Zeiss Ikon "Ergo' monocular camera No. L65433 was lost, probably stolen, in transit between The UK and New York. The parcel was sent on 7 January 1997. Apparently the parcel was scanned into the bag despatched by air but was not scanned out on arrival. Please note the camera details in case it turns up and determine the identity of the person who has it. Please contact me if you see the camera.

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