Keeping blood fresh

Welcome to "Keeping your blood fresh 101."

First let me explain what I mean by keeping blood fresh. If you were to bleed right now and put some into a glass you would have fresh blood (plasma). But for every second it sits in that glass it starts clotting. Eventually you will be left with a glass full of serum, and a clot in the bottom. So you must isolate what causes your blood to clot. The main difference is that plasma contans fibrinogen, and the serum contans fibrin.

So what causes blood to clot?

I'm glad you asked. There are actually several things that have to happen for blood to clot, and they are called the Clotting Factors. If one of these factors are stopped the blood will not clot.

I'm not trying to make this complicated, so if you ever have any questions, e-mail me.

I'll now show you the extrinsic pathways of the clotting factors. These are the most important factors for blood to clot outside the body.

There are a lot more factors but, like I said, I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible.

Tissue Thromboplastin
Factor VII
Factor X
Factor V
Prothrombin -> Thrombin
Fibrinogen ----> Fibrin (clot)

These are the extrinsic (outside the body) clotting factors

So how do you stop one of these factors?

I'm getting to that.

There are different chemicals you can use. EDTA (Ethylenediaminetraacetic acid) is a common one (That is not some word I made up). EDTA binds with the calcium in your blood.

Since factor VII requires calcium, the blood will not clot.

But the blood will seperate into RBC (red blood cells) on bottom, WBC (white blood cells), and Plt (platlets) in the middle, and Plasma on top. It can easily be stirred back to whole blood plasma though.

Where can you get EDTA?

Well, It is used in Lavander top Blood tubes, preservatives for food, and in blood banks.

Then you want to keep blood in the fridge, at 35 degrees. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail.

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