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Welcome to the new-look LM - the big-mouthed, broad-minded magazine that will shout what others don't dare to whisper.

This month's LM gives a taste of the kind of issues and arguments our readers can expect in the coming months, with articles that question conventional wisdom on everything from Bosnian war reporting and Holocaust denial to abortion and Dunblane.

Living Marxism magazine has been evolving into this role for some time, in response to what we see as a dangerous new mood.

We live in an age of caution and conformism, when critical opinions can be outlawed as 'extremism' and anything new can be rubbished as 'too risky'. Ours is an age of low expectations, when we are always being told what is bad for us, and life seems limited on all sides by restrictions, guidelines and regulations.

The spirit of LM is to go against the grain: to oppose all censorship, bans and codes of conduct; to stand up for social and scientific experimentation; to insist that we have the right to live as autonomous adults who take responsibility for our own affairs. These are basic human values that cannot be compromised if we are ever going to create a world fit for people.

LM also aims to be a forum for argument over the big issues that have been squeezed out of public debate today. If you have something to say that is worth hearing, let us know. If you want to stay in the know, get a subscription.

New LM. New agenda. New Labour (Not).

The picture that fooled the world

The image of an emaciated Muslim caged behind Serb barbed wire, filmed by a British news team, became a worldwide symbol of the war in Bosnia. But the picture is not quite what it seems. German journalist Thomas Deichmann reveals the full story


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Thou shalt not take the name Dunblane in vain
Reports from Graham Barnfield, Andrew Calcutt, Penny Lewis, Jan Macvarish

Blasphemy law makes comeback Andrew Calcutt

All you need to know about EMU Phil Murphy

Abortion should be an election issue Carrie Clarke

Ann Bradley

Jack Straw's criminal record Charlotte Reynolds

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

Evolutionary psychology Toby Andrew

Who's afraid of Holocaust denial? Jennie Bristow

The Holocaust obsession - trivialising history Jennie Bristow


  • Censors and sensitivities
  • Channel 4
  • The Crucible

Tony Blair - New Labour nobody

Reproduced from LM issue 97, February 1997
The truth is in here


The Point is to Change it




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