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Hauser Central

Allied Families Allied Families
Directory to other family lines which tie into the Hauser's.

Lorenz Hauser and ten generations of descendants.

Perpetually and Proudly Hauser Perpetually And Proudly Hauser
14 generation lineage chart, survey and more!

Hauser Survey Hauser/Houser/Hooser Survey
Get to know your cousins and sign up for the Millenium Reunion.

Survey Results - Descendants Hauser Survey Results - Names and Places
Hauser cousins' email and website addresses

Survey Results - Committees Hauser Survey Results - Reunion Committees
Reunion Planning Headquarters

Mailable Hauser Survey Mailable Hauser Survey
Print and mail the survey to cousins who are not online.

Census - Houser Census - Houser
Directory of census data including the "Oregon Housers"

Houser Archives Houser Archives
Scanned copies of microfilmed newspaper articles

Family Group Record Family Group Record
Descendants of Christian Evander Houser

Awards & Webrings Awards/Webrings
Awards and Webrings associated with Hauser Central

Descendants Attendance Descendants Attendance
Map of states the family will travel from to attend the NC reunion

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Addicted To Genealogy

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