Harry Keller is a science teacher in his mid-twenties; however, he has a secret past that will eventually return to haunt him...

Harry's parents emigrated from Scotland to Perth in the late 1960s. Harry's father was an engineer with a passion for the arts and his mother ran a cake shop and wrote novels.

Harry vividly remembers his father taking him out on a chilly night to watch a meteor display and later being fascinated by a lunar eclipse – it happened exactly on the dot as predicted. From then on, there was no other career for him except one involving science. This led Harry to pursue a post-graduate degree and, later, to work as a scientist in the United States. At the same time he also has a passion for the arts, which he got from his mother.

Harry is somewhat of a daredevil, and one summer working in the outback he became friendly with a local pilot, took lessons and gained his private pilot's licence.

He keeps fit by running and will have a go at most sports.

Harry has an inauspicious introduction to Summer Bay – he covers Shauna (Kylie Watson) with mud when he goes through a puddle in his car. Hopefully things can only get better!