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SSH for BeOS

The "FAQ" for BeOS stated that an ssh client was not possible. My first day at Be, I took this as a challenge and found that, for R5, only minor patches to someone's existing prior patches were necessary to compile ssh. Below are my instructions: I was able to make the SSH port for 1.2.26 from Andreas F. Bobak (url: http://abstrakt.ch/be/ssh-1.2.26-3_src.tgz) work on BeOS 5 (x86) using the following instructions:

./configure --host=i386-be-elf --prefix=/boot/home

edit config.h, changing the line: 

and save changes. Then:  

make install will fail as there is no root user, but it can be run up until that point. I have verified that ssh works, but I haven't tried to debug scp yet.

SSH for MacOS X Server Mini Howto

For those who need more precise instructions on installing ssh (version 1) on their MacOS X Server systems click here


Last year, I started the Bay Area Python Interest Group, which has hosted Python author Guido van Rossum twice. It is the oldest regional Python group and coined the usage, for good or ill, of "piggies" for Python groups.

Some of my smaller examples of Python coding are on the BayPIGgies page. They are all issued under free software licenses, so have a look.

XF86Config for Compaq Presario 1625 Laptop

This laptop uses the NeoMagic 2160 (MagicGraph128XD) chipset. For the config file, click here

Kudos to Apple

I am extremely pleased with Apple's decision to consult with Eric S. Raymond (see the travels with Eric below in the "Travels with Rick Moen") and develop an open source strategy. I am now happier than I would have been had they just promised (and delivered) one and only one release of MacOS X Server for Intel.

Since I wrote my complaint (formerly on this page), Apple has released the kernel sources for MacOS X Server as a part of the Darwin project.


Questions we wish were frequently asked:

What's a deirdre anyway?

It's an Irish name (not German, not French, thank you very much for asking) of a princess. In short, she was even more unlucky in love than I was. I once wrote a piece about what it was like to be raised with a name with that kind of "relationship baggage." Perhaps I'll post it if enough of you ask. [Enough have asked but I've misplaced it. Please hold.]

Ironically, I read the piece publically in front of a group where my later-to-be (and now just late) husband was listening. And, in rejecting the name and, to some extent, what love and loyalty meant, it's ironic that embracing and understanding the legend became the theme of my life for the next four years. Ironically, it was only through facing my own (potential, not actual obviously) death, and then that of my husband (actual), that I understood about living.

How did you get that name?
My mother selected it out of the dictionary. Really. Dad also points out that they wanted to give me an Irish name that was not a name strongly associated with Catholicism. Yes, I have a strange family. They left Ireland to pursue religious freedom as Catholics, then converted to protestant once they got here. Since dad and mom were both nuclear physicists, they smashed one too many atoms and got me. Why just the other day in Peets someone said I must have been accelerated as a kid and I pointed out that I could hardly not be since my parents did meet while working at a particle accelerator. Their relationship, of course, came to a smashing end.

No more nuclear physicist relationship jokes today, I promise.

Two atoms are whirling around a cyclotron, when one of them says, "Oh! I think I just lost an electron!"
The other atom says "Really, are you sure?"
The first one says "Yes, I'm positive!"

Seriously, I suppose it's strange, though perhaps not "charmed," that I'm now living very close to where a lot of Caltech's high energy physics is now taking place: SLAC (the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center).

What do you do for fun?
Mostly I hang around Bay Area Linux Events.
Why did you register this domain?
Because deirdre.com was already taken. Note that The Evil Deirdre does not actually appear to be using the domain, but renewed it anyway. Ah, well.

New: Travels With Rick Moen

Episode 1: At LinuxWorldExpo, Geeks With Guns (including such folks as Eric S. Raymond), and Consonance. Based upon (and partly overlapping) Nick Moffitt's series of the same name. You can read his efforts here.

Episode 2, titled "Sorry, No Cow's Eyes Today," will never be out, but since people have asked, we visited Pi day at the Exploratorium. One of the more amusing signs was at the cow eye dissection booth. No points for guessing the text of the sign.

I've left these items for historical interest; at the time I started writing these, Rick and I were friends. For that matter, Nick and I were friends. Rick and I are now engaged, so they seem different than they used to. But I stopped writing them beca use they got too personal.

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