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Screenshot1- TealPaint
Version:  4.44
Date: June 2, 2000
Status:Version 4.44 released June 2, 2000

Unmatched in features, performance, and usability, TealPaint is even better than ever. Version 4 offers an unprecedented list of tools and features like:
  • Color support
  • Grayscale support (OS3.5 req'd)
  • Multiple image databases
  • Multiple annotated records
  • Basic Animation functions
  • Dithered thumbnail images
  • View-only browsing mode
  • Horizontal and Vertical scrolling oversized images
  • Magnified draw mode
  • Freehand draw tool
  • Line draw tool
  • Constrained 45 and 90-degree line tool
  • Box, filled box draw
  • Rounded box, filled rounded box
  • Circle, filled circle
  • Erase tool
  • Paint bucket
  • Text tool with selectable fonts
  • Polygon tool
  • Filled shape tool
  • Hand page-movement tool
  • Spotty free-draw tool
  • Selector tool
  • User-defined image templates
  • Coordinate-based lasso adjust
  • 16 Draw patterns
  • 12 Brushes
  • Cut/Copy/Paste images
  • 90-degree copy-buffer image rotation
  • Paste-to-fit image scaling
  • Configurable hardware button mapping
  • Undo
  • Horizonal and Vertical Flipping
  • Image compression
  • Screen-grabbing import function
  • TealPaint Image Manager, a Windows import, export, and print utility
  • PicUtil, DOS command-line batch image converter

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TealPaint Art Gallery
See works of art from TealPaint users or share your own masterpieces in our TealPaint Art Gallery.
TealPaint Mac Utility Pack
Utilities to import and export TealPaint images for a Mac.
Export TealPaint Images easier.
Created by one of our customers, tptobmp is a Perl script that exports TealPaint images to bmp files on a Macintosh or Unix. Created by KIMURA Kazushi.
Clip Art for TealPaint
Created by Kurt Spieldenner.
1) The TealPaint Clip Art collection has 41 screens, 1300 images.
2) The TealPaint Backgrounds collection has 35 screens of bordered/background screens

Recent Updates:
    Release 4.44 June 2, 2000:
  • Fixed mislabeled background color picking screen
  • Removed confusing "Cancel" button on Database naming dialog
  • Improved responsiveness to aborting animations with long delay times
  • Added "Full View" preview mode for oversized images
  • Added greyscale support (requires OS 3.5)
  • Added adjustable grid snap spacing
  • Fixed printing thru TealPrint from Palm IIIc
  • Fixed corrupted database record saving an oversized color image
  • Fixed importing tools importing Photoshop variant .BMP files
  • Added color icon for Palm IIIc
    Release 4.22(B) 3/9/00:
  • Updated TealPaint Image Manager to 4.22. Previous file archive had wrong version
    Release 4.22 2/25/00:
  • Fixed crash mirroring images on Palm OS versions earlier than 3.5

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